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Introducing the BabyBjorn Watercolour Collection!

May 27, 2016

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Snuggle Bugz is proud to partner with BabyBjörn to exclusively launch the Watercolour Collection in Canada. Inspired by the fantasy world of children, a place where everything comes to life, the collection uses water colours and five friendly sea creatures. This three part blog series goes behind the scenes to discover how these products were created and how they stand up to parents and children using them. 

We welcome collection creators, BabyBjörn, as our guests for Part One in this series to go behind the scenes of this undersea adventure! 

Have you ever thought about the imagination of your child? Whimsical waves of creative ideas that make the simplest things come to life in the most colourful ways. When we become parents, we are quickly reminded of this. As we watch our child’s face brighten and their eyes smile with love when they see us, really see us, for the first time. They grow and begin to watch simple things like light dance across the wall and we stare at them with amazement, wondering what they see, what they think. We, ourselves, begin to imagine what they will embrace and grow to be.

At BabyBjörn, we try to capture the creativity and imagination that only childhood can bring. It was this idea that was the inspiration behind the latest Limited Edition collection, sold exclusively in Canada at Snuggle Bugz.

So, through the eyes of little ones and into the hearts of parents everywhere, join us on a little adventure into our Watercolour Collection.

Playful, inventive and full of color, the collection includes the beloved Bouncer Balance Soft, versatile Carrier One, and the indispensable Travel Crib Light.

The Bouncer Balance Soft is the first product introduced by BabyBjörn in 1961. Designed to safely support your growing baby’s head, neck and spine, this bouncer also helps baby to learn how to rock and calm down on their own. Gently, touch the bouncer to show baby how to bounce and as they grow, bouncing will become soothing and fun. Swim, little fishy, swim.

Blog_miniBouncerTwo years ago, BabyBjörn introduced the Baby Carrier One. This carrier is the first from the company to offer four versatile carrying positions, include a back-carry option for toddlers. With a sturdy waist belt, padded shoulder straps and wide seat for baby, this carrier can support your little one from 8lbs up to 33lbs. This carrier has been reviewed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute and deemed a Hip-Healthy baby carrier. So, go on and plan your next adventure. We have you covered.

Blog_CarrieroneDid someone mention a vacation by the sea? Don’t forget to take the BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light. Portable, secure, and lightweight, this crib is the best place for a traveling baby to sleep or play. Take it to the beach or leave it by your bedside, baby will be safe and oh, so comfy. Great blue ocean waves will lull you both to a peaceful dreamland.

Blog_Travel CribBabyBjörn not only offers safety, security and easy-to-use products for baby but colourful, stylish options for your growing family.

Stay tuned for the next two parts of this exclusive three part series for a hands on review of some of these Watercolour products. What do you think about our Undersea Adventure? Which colour plays to your sense of childhood adventure?


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