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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 6, 2016

Blog_Header_MothersDayThis Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day and we wanted to send our heartfelt wishes to all the Mamas and Mamas-to-Be for the Happiest Mother Day, filled with love, family, and maybe some extra sleep! (every mom’s dream, right??) For anyone looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift (hint, hint gentlemen!) we have rounded up a few great items for both the busy mom on the go and also for the nesting Mama, waiting on baby to arrive.


Let’s face it, once baby arrives, they come with a lot of stuff, and the majority of that stuff needs to travel with them (and you) when you leave the house. Trading your purse in for a diaper bag is a serious transition so the bag you carry should definitely be one that you love! Enter the Charlie Bag from Timi and Leslie. The perfect gift this mother’s day, this vegan faux leather bag comes with extra accessories to keep you totally organized and stylish. Insulated bottle holders, stroller clips, a change pad, and a separate mini clutch that you can hold your personal essentials and travel with you whenever you are solo and not wanting to take a whole bag with you. This bag has it all and will last well beyond the baby years.

The Tula Carrier is a popular mom favourite and is a great gift for the mama who is looking for a little bit of freedom and mobility, while still keeping baby close. Available in so many great patterns and styles, this carrier is easy to use, versatile and can be used up until four years old with many babies!


A great gift this year would be to relieve the burden of mom guilt! We all worry so much that we aren’t doing enough, spending enough time, teaching enough, feeding them the right things, or documenting all of the amazing milestones they do manage to achieve despite their underachieving mothers. These Milestone Cards are a great way to easily snap a quick picture to document those special moments in pregnancy and throughout baby’s early years and are also a great reminder of things that are actually noteworthy. No crafting or exceptional DIY required, these cards do all the talking so you can worry about documenting them in that baby book you’ve been meaning to start whenever you have time (like just in time for a High school graduation present?)

This next “mom essential” is another great bag that can be used as a diaper bag and also as a purse. Little Unicorn is a well loved brand for moms (those swaddles, though!) and we think this Rotunda Bag is the perfect piece to accompany you to both Baby Picasso and then take you back to work as your briefcase. This bag is stylish and functional and zips completely closed to avoid losing your entire mom life contents within.

For those Mamas-to-Be, baby might not be here yet, but he is already wreaking havoc on your body. Before babe arrives and every moment is dedicated to taking care of him, take a minute to pamper yourself. This Mama’s Morning Tea is the perfect pause for your day. Blended with stomach settling Ginger Root and Spearmint, a safe hint of Peppermint, Chamomile and Lemon Balm, this tea is a great way to keep nausea at bay and wake up feeling somewhat like a human.

Another great way to treat the pregnant mama-to-be this weekend is with this Mom Pack. Complete with belly jelly and leg & back cream, it is the perfect combination to sooth the skin during pregnancy. The pregnant body goes through lots of changes and anything you can do to treat yourself is well deserved!

And the last treat is quite possibly one of the coziest gifts you could give or receive for Mother’s Day (and we won’t judge you if you buy this gift for yourself!) We have partnered up with our favourite new Mom-to-Be, Jillian Harris to help her navigate this overwhelming world of preparing for life with a baby. Jillian already knows a thing or two about how to treat herself to comfort and has gone so far as creating her own line of AH-Mazing pyjamas and clothing to make sure her comfies are the coziest. These Pyjamas by Jillian Harris for Privilege always sell out, so if you can get your hands on a pair, consider it a total mom score.

As a mom you will find your life turned upside down, will discover that you had more courage than you knew you could possess, your heart will grow so big that you think it might explode, and you will have truly earned the best title- Mom.

Blog_Prize_MothersDayWe’d like to treat one lucky Mom to a pampering prize pack for Mother’s Day. Our BMTB (Best-Mom-To-Be), Jillian Harris has teamed up with us to give away a set of her amazing pyjamas (the most comfortable things you will ever wear) and we are throwing in our favourite Earth Angel Mama Baby Tea for Mamas and a Mom Pack. To enter, log into the rafflecopter below, answering the question and then leave us a comment! This contest will run from Friday, May 6th to Monday, May 9th at 11:59pm EST. Contest Rules and Regulations.

*Update, congratulations to Katherine K who is the winner of the Pampered Mama Prize Pack! Thank you all for entering and stay tuned for more exciting partnership and contest announcements! 

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  • Vancouver Kl

    Time for Mom to be left alone without kids around for a day.

  • Vivian WH Lee

    Handmade items are always the best!

  • Lisa McDonagh

    this sounds really lovely for the lucky hard working mom that receives it. We all try our very best for our kids though so i hope regardless of who wins we all give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back! happy mothers day to everyone 🙂

  • Lisa McDonagh

    the best mothers day gift i ever got was a handmade card from my 2 year old with help from his daycare. it is so special, i have it in my scrapbook, my second is only 3 months so her smile is enough for mothers day 🙂

  • Sheila B

    Time alone without the baby to sleep!

  • Cassy Kok

    My babies birthstone on my pandora bracelet just a few weeks after he was born. This is my second Mother’s Day and I think the greatest gift is having my son to celebrate. He makes everyday so amazing and Mother’s Day is a reminder of how lucky I am to be a mom because I know some women can’t

  • jacs14

    One word. Sleep!!

  • Nic

    I received a framed family photo – it was very thoughtful!

  • Kristen

    my daughter was born just a week and a half ago and for me the best gift is a day to enjoy with the new family!

  • Rachael Zimmerly

    Sleeeeeep! Oh and some jjb! Lol

  • Nicole Filion

    I love the jammies!!!

  • Laurie P

    Kids crafts are always the best!

  • Beth Mackay

    A large canvas print of our family.

  • Laura Cooper

    The chance to be a mother; as I’m expecting and this is my first Mother’s Day!!

  • Nancy

    Kid made items are always the best!!

  • kristen visser

    The best Mother’s Day gift I have ever received was a card from my husband. I know to some it doesn’t mean much but the time spent looking for the most perfect card and his fabulous words written in it is all I need 🙂

  • Janessa Tebay

    Spending time with family and the blessing of becoming a first time mom this year!

  • Alexandra David

    A nice back rub and quiet morning!

  • Emily

    Anything homemade with thought put into it would be the best Mother’s Day gift to give or receive. Last year I received flip flops I had been in search of – my husband went to a surrounding city just to get them for me. While that gift wasn’t handmade, it sure was thoughtful.

  • Lisa

    I once organized a picnic for my mom and dad with my. We mad all the food, wrote letters to her, and surprised both of them!

  • SARA

    This was my first Mother’s Day! So I guess that in itself was a wonderful gift. But…inside the I Love You Mommy card that I received, my husband so lovingly wrote: “thank you for wiping my bum”. He’s such a sentimental guy. That will be a memorable first mother’s day card.

  • Jeannie

    I gave my mom a locket with a photo of 4 generations in it. She loved it and we are so lucky to have 4 generations enjoying each others’ company.

  • Vanessa Woods

    My best Mother’s Day gift hasn’t really been a gift at all… But yesterday was a fabulous day!! I told my 3 year old that it’s a special day for mom and he has to be good- he was a perfect angel all day! Somehow my 22 m/o caught on too so it was glorious! My husband also played with the kids extra long so I could crochet which was sooooo nice because I have a small WAHM business and I’m so far behind with orders right now.

  • Lina

    This year my almost 11 week old gave me 7 hours of consecutive sleep! That was the best gift and I wasn’t even expecting it!

  • Emily Whiteley

    Sleeping in was the best gift I was given this year! Not hearing my baby wake up, and not having to do anything until I woke up on my own!

  • Neemat Hout

    This is my first mothers day, I knew being a mother is not a piece of cake but its totally worth it! My baby girl made my nights longer, my days shorter but she definitely made my future worth living for. Of course hearing her giggles was the best gift I would ever get.

  • Jacey D’Antonio

    The best gift i gave & received was this year. My kids and i sat down at the table together & spent hours making gifts for their grandmas ( tissue paper flowers, & foot print pictures). It worked out being my best gift as well, as i enjoyed spending all that time with them, one on one crafting together. They are still little & this was the first year they were able to craft with me =) It was amazing seeing them feel so proud of themselves when they got to see the end result. Best mothers day yet.

  • Beth Vanner

    My husband has hired a photographer to do family photos for us for the last 3 Mothers Days. It’s so nice to see how much my daughter has grown over the last few years.

  • Nicole Csonka

    The best mother day gift I’ve ever given was a few days before my mom passed away. I gave her a little booklet full of memories and my favorite framed photograph of us at my wedding. I miss her so much. This Mother’s Day was very difficult without her…especially with being pregnant with my first child.

  • Natalie Malda

    On Wednesday an edible arrangement was delivered to my work with a card that said “pack your bag for Friday, and relax”. On Friday I was driven to a hotel and given a bag full of treats and a card. Inside the card was details for the spa package for 6pm. My room was on the executive suite floor and was equipped with a large jacuzzi tub and topped off with an arranged 1pm check out! All done with no hints and all surprises!!! #peaceandquiet #timealone #besthusbandever

  • Jamie Fanous

    Yesterday was my first Mother’s Day and it also happened to be my birthday! Celebrating becoming a mother after a longtime trying to be one, was one of the best gifts ever. I told my husband that I did not want anything this year since I now have everything I could ask for.

  • Justine Marchuk

    Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook!

  • Jennifer

    Every year gets better since my son makes his own gifts at school and is then so proud to bring them home and present them to me. Seeing the expression on his face and his anticipation at what my reaction will be is so wonderful. This year he drew a picture of me with my pregnant belly and wrote about what I do to show him I love him. Being a mother is the best and most rewarding thing I have ever done.

  • Jaimie

    Best gift both given and received is time with family on this special day – time with my kids, my Mom, mother-in-law, Nanna’s, Grandma’s… All the special women in my life! And as of the last couple years since becoming a Mom, I love the homemade gifts from my son

  • Lauren

    Had to say it was the mani and the time off 🙂

  • Melissa

    This was the first year my little boy was old enough to decorate a card for me ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rebecca Pecoraro

    The best gifts are gifts made by someone you love. My favourite has to be the vase my then 2-year old painted last year.

  • Cassy Kok

    Who won?

  • The Winner of the Pampered Prize Pack was Katherine K. Thanks to all who entered!