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Gliding through Gliders

August 8, 2017


If you’ve picked out your nursery furniture you’re about half way there. A glider or rocker is a HUGE component to your nursery and it will take a bit of time to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Nestled has over 20 gliders on their showroom floor that you can test out, glide or rock till your hearts content!

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What’s the difference between a rocker and a glider? Boy was I in for a surprise when I found out just how different that they are. The main difference I discovered is the motion. A rocker has an “up and down” feel while a glider is more of a “back and forth” motion. Also rockers don’t come with a “brake” to stop the movement where as a glider can be set to be completely stable.  Lastly, rockers do not recline while many of the gilders provide this option. If you’re not looking for these extra features or if you’re looking for something more cost effective, than a rocker is the perfect choice for you.


Snuggle Bugz Gliders (16 of 19)Did you know that we spend about 8 hours a day in bed? That’s 2,920 hours a year! Well guess what… you’re about to spend more than that nursing daily so your rocker or glider is something to think loooonnnng and hard about. Are you looking for it to be Canadian Made? If so, look to brands like Dutailier who has been an industry leader for over 35 years and Monte Designs for modern, simple designs. Do you want fabric or leather? Most chairs are customizable and can come in durable fabric, faux leather, leather or a leather match (when the base of the chair is leather and the sides and back are faux leather). With some brands you can even choose the finish for the legs as well! There are natural wood, stains and even metal options to choose from.

Do you want the ‘club chair’ look or something more sleek and subtle? Babyletto has some pretty cool contemporary designs. Where do you see yourself using your glider? FYI you don’t HAVE to keep this in your nursery. In fact, a lot of mammas have started putting their gliders in their family rooms so that they can watch TV while they breastfeed. Don’t forget to think about where you want to use the glider after the baby years as this can also impact your decision.

Ultimately, choose something comfortable, that works for you and your space because you’ll be spending a LOT of time in that chair mamma. You partner will too so it’s important for them to come test them out in store with you.


I recently posted my Nursery inspiration board on Instagram. I so appreciate all of the feedback on having a white glider in my nursery. I had mentioned that I am contemplating the white Dutailier Comfort Classico glider and here is what some of you had to say about that:

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“Wouldn’t leather get hot and sticky if you are “stuck” to the chair for long periods of time? Might be easier to wipe though.

“I never found mine sticky, it’s a soft high quality leather. Looks gorgeous!”

“Anything white, including clothes, is a not so hot idea, hehehe, especially once they hit the toddler stage, you will not want to wear white ever again. I’ve been learning the hard way, finally just swore off white… lol! But it is absolutely gorgeous and may be fine if it’s leather since it would probably wipe clean!”

“I have a leather glider, you do not stick to it and honestly I can’t tell you how happy I am we had leather when my son threw up everywhere at a night time feed… was perfect and easy to clean!!!”

“Love the dutailier glider. We have one in white leather and it still looks brand new.”

“Leather is a great idea! Very easy to keep clean. I can’t tell you how much spit up and throw up I have cleaned off of mine!”

“No to the white glider.”

“Great taste Jaclyn. You can never go wrong with a leather chair.”

So it looks like the glider I’ve chosen is a hit but the colour might be a concern. Why exactly did I choose white for my nursery? When I looked back at all of my pins for my gender neutral nursery I noticed that a lot of the gliders and rockers were white. I asked friends that actually had the white leather Dutailier Comfort Classico glider and heard nothing but rave reviews. I also tested it out in store to feel more comfortable with my choice. Leather is durable and wipe-able so I’m really confident to be choosing this glider for our family. Plus, these gliders are made with a nursing mother in mind. You know by now that I love to mix tone-on-tone neutrals and I can definitely see this chair going in any room of our house.  Now we just have to wait patiently for it to arrive.

Check back next week when we talk about trending Nursery styles and how you can get the look for your nursery.



Jaclyn Harper

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