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Getting Ready for Spring… Cleaning

March 8, 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again. Warmer temps are on the way and I can’t wait. Soon we’ll be able to open our windows and let in some fresh air (woohoo!). I love having the windows open, the music on and cleaning house. Correction… I definitely don’t love cleaning the house it’s just more enjoyable when the music is blaring and the windows are open lol. A candle helps too. Just me? In our home, we tend to put on some sort of country playlist and dance around. I remember as a kid my mom used to play Wilson Phillips really loud and we would all help clean. You know…

“Don’t you know things can change, Things’ll go your way, If you ho00000000000llllld on for one more day.”   

Such a good tune. Back to cleaning. These days, it’s not just the floors and countertops that need to be cleaned and dusted. Now we have a whole bunch of kid surfaces and toys to clean. If you’re a parent you know how quickly these can get messy. I’m talking about:

  • The car seat
  • The activity centre
  • The activity matt
  • Teething toys
  • Soothers
  • Laundry (oh the laundry)

You get the point. How the heck do you clean the things that they’ll be putting in their mouth?! I kept thinking… do I have to boil everything? The answer is – no. I’ve partnered up with Snuggle Bugz to test out some cleaning products for you and today I’m giving you the dirt (get it? dirt! lol).


When Evie and I unboxed the Dapple items we received on my Instagram account a lot of you privately messaged me to tell me how much you love their products. The thing I love? The fact that they have green scientists behind the brand that test out plant-powered ingredients that ‘pack the mightiest punch’. Sounds awesome right!? You know that these products are baby friendly while doing what you need them to. I started by using the Pure ‘N’ Clean Everything wipes. I literally used them to wipe down her Activity Centre, my kitchen counter, dining table, bathroom countertop etc. When it comes to the things they’re actually going to put in their mouth the Pure ‘N’ Clean Toys & Highchairs spray is best. I used this on her soothers, her teething toys and in just a few months I’ll be able to try this out on her highchair tray. It says on the back ‘Dapple is a cleaner and not iced tea, so don’t drink it’ haha. Basically, you’ll want to let your items dry off completely before giving them back to baby. What about Bottles? I like to boil mine on occasion but for a quick clean I can use the Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid. Again, because this is something that Evie is putting in her mouth I like to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning. I like knowing that Dapple is powered by plants and has baby friendly ingredients.


If you’re a parent you know how much laundry you do on a weekly basis. The other night I dumped out all of Evie’s clean laundry on the couch to be folded. Ryan and I couldn’t believe how much there was. We were almost buried in clothes (seriously). You get the gist. Your kid wears a lot of clothes. I mean, sometimes we go through three outfits a day! Today, it’s 2pm and we’re already on outfit number two. Of course, babies have super sensitive skin so you need something that will be gentle enough on their skin and tough enough on their clothes. With that in mind, I tested out Aleva’s Gentle Baby Laundry which is fragrance free. It’s vegan, cruelty free, made in Canada and free of any harsh chemicals. That’s a win win win win in my books. I used it for a load of Evie’s clothes but read that it works great on cloth diapers as well. Would love to know if you’ve tried it on cloth diapers. Let me know down below. As a bonus, they have a Stain & Laundry Bar to help with those pesky stains that just wont come out with your laundry detergent (you know what I’m talking about). It looks like a bar of soap so it’s great for on the go messes. All you need to do is wet the fabric, apply the bar directly on the stained area, scrub and rinse.

Have you tested out Aleva Naturals or Dapple Products? Let us know what your all time favourite is in the comments below.

Jaclyn Harper

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