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Getting Cheeky- AppleCheeks Swim Diaper Review

March 17, 2017

010317_BlogHeader_Applecheeks_As a part time cloth diaperer, I have been curious to try reusable swim diapers to see how they compare to the convenience of my usual disposable swimmies. I have always disliked that waterlogged, saggy bum look with the disposables (as well as the impact on the landfill) but truthfully didn’t give much thought to a reusable cloth swim diaper (despite being very familiar with cloth diapers of the regular variety). When I was offered the chance to review the AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper, I jumped at the chance.

When it arrived in the mail I was struck by how light and thin it was. Would this really protect me from being called out as the ‘Mom Of The Kid Who Fouled In The Pool’? It was so stretchy and soft- not bunchy and scratchy like the multilayered design of my previous disposables. I was eager to put this swim solution to the test so I did what any nervous mom would do- I asked my own mom to come with me! She could hold the baby while I took photos, that way, should anything “escape” from that little diaper, she would be the one holding the guilty party, not me!

I love that these diapers are available in two different sizes. My son is about 18 lbs, which is at the higher end of size one and the lowest weight of size two. I went with the size two and hoped he wouldn’t have to “grow into it.” When I tried it on him for the first time, I realized that the swim diaper is just as genius as AppleCheeks‘ popular envelope style cloth diaper- with snaps at both the waist and the legs to obtain the ideal fit. As promised, it was perfect and I began to think that this diaper might really have the containment powers it promised. The other thing I immediately noticed was that there were no rub points on the diaper, which is perfect for my babe’s sensitive skin.


Into the pool we went, armed with a diaper and a silent prayer that we would not be responsible for evacuating parent and tot swim. I am happy to report that we swam about for 40 minutes with no incident. About the only thing that did happen was having three (3!) separate moms come up to ask us where we got the diaper and how we liked it. When we completed our dip we headed to the change room to dry off and not only were we lacking that soggy, waterlogged diaper, the diaper was almost dry to the touch immediately after we got out. I expected it to be heavy with the weight of the fabric and moisture, but it was seemingly absent of anything other than my son’s cute little baby bum. He laid happily kicking his legs while I changed him and marvelled at this crazy swim technology.

All in all, my honest review is that I absolutely loved this swim diaper and will continue to use this line for all of our swimming needs, be it beach, pool, or lake! I am wowed by so much more than I thought I would be, so I had to make a Love List:


  • The fit- all those snaps give you the best options for the perfect fit at both the waist and the thighs
  • The feel- So soft both when it is dry and wet and absolutely no rub points or velcro.
  • Lets water flow through instead of soaking it all up- no waterlogged soggy diapers!
  • Adorable colours- I tried the Bondi Blue (bright and bold) but it is also available in three other colours- Sail Away, Suddenly Sunny and Breath of Fresh Air– all equally adorable.
  • Convenience- Lighter and smaller than a disposable swim diaper and easy to care for/wash
  • Doesn’t end up in a landfill
  • CANADIAN MADE! I love supporting Canadian products AND AppleCheeks is owned and founded by two amazing female entrepreneurs, which also makes my heart sing a little.


I would really love to give you a balanced review with an accompanying list of cons but I truly found none. These retail for $19.99, so they are completely affordable (much cheaper in the long run over buying bags of disposables) and to sweeten the deal, they are on sale for 15% off for the entire month of March!! Some styles have sold out so hurry if you would like to get one or two for yourself! I have already ordered a second colour and can’t wait to pair these with matching rash guards for the summer. All in all, the maiden voyage went swimmingly and we will never go back to disposable swim diapers again!




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