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Favourite Newborn Baby & Mama Essentials

November 26, 2018

7 weeks ago, my life changed forever; I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Jacob (or Jakey as he’s known amongst the family).  My husband and I are first time parents and naturally, we were relying on the knowledge passed along from family and friends on what to expect during those first few weeks at home.  Despite what was passed along, no one could have fully prepared us.  The first 6 weeks were filled with many ups and downs (more ups, don’t be scared!), laughs and cries and full of unexpected surprises.  Prior to baby Jacob coming home, I spent the last few months of my pregnancy researching and ensuring I was prepared with products that I would need for the little one and myself during those first few weeks.  Looking back, below are my favourite essentials that helped me get through them!

Motorola Smart Nursery 7″ HD Camera: I knew as a first-time Mom; I was going to worry.  However, once we brought the little guy home that first night I realized it was a different level of worry that I have never experienced before.  Every little cry, squeak and peep was new to me.  The Motorola baby camera has provided me with some peace of mind while he sleeps.   I’m able to keep an eye on him without constantly going upstairs to check on him.  The quality of the picture is fantastic for both day and night vision. Another awesome perk to this camera is the app that you’re able to download in order to see the stream from your phone.  My husband can even tune in from work to see baby Jacob snoozing the day away!

Nanobébé Bottle Starter Set: Once I got the breastfeeding figured out (which was not easy), I wanted to introduce Jacob to bottles so my husband could do a couple of the daily feeds. I had researched bottle brands and the Nanobebe caught my attention as it’s the first bottle to preserve breastfeed nutrients during storage and warming.  I wanted to be able to breastfeed Jacob because of the nutrients breastmilk provides and I love knowing that I’m not taking away any of those nutrients from him when we feed him from a bottle.   Jacob had no issues feeding from the Nanobebe –I think the unique breast shape of this bottle helped with that!    It also attaches perfectly to my Medela breast pump which makes that process easy. I can’t wait to see him self-feed with his tiny little hands in the near future with this bottle!

Earth Mama Organics: These products have become part of my daily routine both for myself and for baby Jacob. I have used the Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter since the day I came home from the hospital.  That first week was brutal between figuring out how to breastfeed and pumping.  My nipples were so tender and chapped; I wasn’t fully expecting that.  Earth Mama’s nipple balm not only soothed them but also brought them back to looking like they’re supposed to! (TMI?)  I use it before and after every feed – and a bonus is that you don’t have to wash it off before nursing!

My favourite Earth Mama Organic products for my little one are the Organic Diaper Balm and the Angel Baby Oil.  Jacob’s cute bum was red and a tiny bit chapped after week 1, so we started applying the diaper balm right away and it instantly cleared up.  The herbal massage oil has become part of our nightly routine with establishing bedtime for him.  We give him a little massage every night before bed which he loves. I love knowing that the product I’m putting on him is safe.

Curve Washable Day & Night Nursing Pads: This product made the list for me as it was one that I didn’t really think of as an essential when I was pregnant, but turned out to be a product I’m using daily and nightly!! I had another brand of nursing pads that I purchased when I first started using them and they were disposable and were very uncomfortable.  I ended up switching to Curve and love them! They fit great with all of my bras & the best part about them is they’re washable!

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