2013 Seasonal

Embracing Canadian Winters

January 16, 2013

Beachin' it in Forida last winter

Holidays are officially over and it’s back to the daily grind. I love holidays but when everything comes to a close I start aching for warmer temperatures. I catch myself daydreaming about taking the boys outside without bundling them up, no warming up the vehicles, and more sunshine.

My hubby and I were tossing around the idea of going down south – an all-inclusive with just the two of us would be lovely. I haven’t had a night away from Mister Myles and I feel like I could really use a holiday sans children. Another part of me feels guilty and I catch myself spending hours looking at a Florida trip for the family. Last year when Myles was 8 weeks old we headed to Tampa and spent a week sitting on the beach & soaking in the sunshine. It was fabulous!

Are you planning a winter getaway?? What would you do – go without your kiddos or do more of a family vacay?

Sledding on New Years day

We are undecided on what we should do. Adam (hubby) is suggesting we embrace winter this year. Do a two night getaway (just the two of us), recharge our batteries and maybe spend a day on the ski slopes! Sometimes I wonder if he is right, instead of feeling like I NEED to escape our cold winters I should work a bit harder and embrace it. A little cold/snow should not stop us from spending a lot of time outside. Here in Burlington we have tons of winter activities at our disposal – public outdoor skating rinks, hills to go tobogganing and the list can go on. My sister (mom of 4) just shared with me that they are embracing winter by making skating rink in their backyard, having winter bonfires and barbequing all winter! Fun! 🙂

How are you embracing winter? What activities are you doing to keep your little ones busy?


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