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Easter Bedtimes Made Fun

April 11, 2017


The Holidays bring festivities and celebration for families and friends. It’s a time for fun and good eating. Easter extra special when you have kids and when our kids are well-rested it makes this time more pleasant for everyone. If bedtimes have become a struggle and your little one is having a harder and harder time going to sleep at night use Easter as a time to create a fun and new bedtime activity for you and your child, which can take the dread of bedtime away for everyone.

Crafting during the Holiday’s is something my family loves to do and when I can tie in bedtime with a new Holiday craft I’m a happy girl. If you have a bedtime staller on your hands and what should be a 30-minute bedtime routine is turning into hours and hours of one more drink and one more story, it’s time to bring out the glitter and glue!

Create a festive visual bedtime routine craft so as you go through your child’s routine they can easily see that each step has been done and completed. This provides more structure to your child’s bedtime routine and keeps it in control for you the parent but also makes it fun for your little one.


Colouring is often an overlooked activity at bedtime but it can be a great thing that both parent and child can do together and provide a great opportunity for some one-on-one bonding time before bed.


Don’t forget the old tried and true bedtime activity – the bedtime story. Make it festive and it can help teach your child to follow the bedtime routine with choosing only one or two stories and then sticking to it.


Alanna McGinn is Founder and Certified Sleep Consultant of Good Night Sleep Site, a global sleep consulting practice. She and her husband, Mike, live in Burlington, Ontario with their 3 children (1+twins!) Alanna and her global team are working with families to overcome their sleep challenges. You can follow her expert advice on Marilyn Denis, The Goods and national publications like Today’s Parent, Maclean’s, Prevention, and Huffington Post. Alanna strives in helping families and corporations overcome their sleep challenges and have happy well-rested smiles in the morning. Join Alanna on the first Wednesday of every month at the Burlington location of Snuggle Bugz/Nestled for her in-person sleep clinic from 10-11am, and follow Good Night Sleep Site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all your sleep essentials.

Alanna McGinn

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