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Dressing Baby for Chillier Weather

October 12, 2018

Getting out the door with a baby is hard enough under the most ideal circumstances, am I right? Every mom knows that challenge of starting to get ready a full thirty minutes ahead of time, only to still be late after numerous unplanned diaper and clothing changes. Now add cold weather and you’re really in the thick of it!

As the leaves start to change, it’s time to start thinking about baby’s cold weather set up. October can be a funny month with warm, wet, and cold conditions, sometimes all within the week, but in a few weeks there will be no mistake – winter is around the corner and you want to be prepared.

Base Layers

Let’s start with the basics and work out way out, shall we? Babies have so little body fat and can’t regulate their temperatures well. Should you resolve to skip winter and stay indoors until April? Heck no! But start with a strong base layer whether you go out or stay in, as it will help keep baby’s body the right temperature. Thin leggings and a long sleeve body suit are great for under other clothing if you’re going outside. They fit well under footed pyjamas, sweat pants, and sweaters, and then you can take off an outer layer if you’re in and out (say, walking outdoors to a cafe where you’ll spend an hour inside).

Protect the Gaps!

Since babies can’t vocalize their needs, we can never really know where the wind is sneaking in or they’re feeling extra chilly. Part of parenting is mind-reading, didn’t you know? I’ll give you a helpful hint – always add protection where the clothing ends. The gaps, as I like to call them, are where baby is most susceptible to chill. Think the neck, wrists, or waist if they’re not wearing a body (hence why I love bodysuits as a base layer!) I absolutely love the neck and chest warmers from Kombi! They extend from the neck all the way to the shoulders and down over the chest leaving baby fully covered in a key gap spot. It might be my top recommendation for winter this year! Mittens that extend well over the wrists are so important as well. Look for zippers that go all the way up the side to make sure you can easily put them on and cover those wrist gaps. Kombi has adorable animal pairs that look very warm, and have a look at their socks that go well up the leg too.

Outer Layers

Once baby is warm enough inside, he’ll need a strong protective layer to face the chilly rain and snow that’s heading our way. I’ve always been a fan of Stonz booties that fasten with bungee cords around the top, so are [perfect for even the bulkiest of winter wear. These booties are excellent quality and will last you many winters. We used the same pair for all three kids! As cute as tuques are, I always recommend a winter hat that extends down the jaw line and attaches under the chin. Babies are infamous for ripping off hats, which is cute inside, but downright stressful in the winter when you’re outside in the cold. Calikids has some adorable attachable winter hats, and I also love Kombi’s balaclava for extra cold or windy days.

Stroller and Carrier Warmth

Sometimes you just need to get some fresh air, no matter how cold it is and that little walk around the block will do wonders for mom’s mental health and baby’s fussiness. To be extra warm, always bring a blanket to drape over your carrier or place on the stroller. For added warmth, there are great options to attach right onto your stroller or carrier such as Baby Bjorn’s winter cover which we used for our little ones, or Ergo Baby’s rain cover, which will block wetness and wind. Almost every car seat brand has a corresponding winter cover too, which puts baby right in a protective cocoon for those winter strolls.  Likewise, Snuggle Bugz carries tons of stroller foot muffs that act as warm sleeping bags that baby can slide right into while safety buckled in her stroller. We used our Uppababy Vista foot muff for years from October right through to May!

No Bad Weather

I love the Scandinavian proverb that claims “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”. To embrace fresh air and the freedom of getting out of the house in the winter, let that be your motto, too. So long as baby is well dressed and protected, there’s no reason you should be cooped up inside all winter, unless you want to me, in which case, pass the hot coco!

Emily Morrice

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