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Cutest Bump of the Month – Winners!

April 1, 2018

Thank you to everybody that entered, liked, shared, our Cutest Bump of the Month contest in March!

Beautiful bumps and Mamas all around!

The top 3 photos that won a $50 Snuggle Bugz gift card, are:

Danielle – Today I’m 40 weeks & 3 days. I was suppose to be due March 30th but baby is still not born being 3 days over due. I’m having a little boy , and his name is going to be Nash.  


Jennifer – I’m currently 35 weeks with baby boy – Fynn Tucker last name initial is K. He is due to arrive May 5th, 2018. He actually has a Congenital Heart Defect called D-Transposition of the Great Arteries. This means that his arteries are switched and his body is not getting any oxygenated blood. He will be having open heart surgery when he is 5-7 days old. He also has a small hole in his heart which we aren’t sure what will happen with it until he is born! 1 in 100 babies that are born have some form of CHD. His surgery has a 95% survival rate so we have very high hopes! We have a little fighter on our hands.


Nicole – The photo was taken at 34 weeks. I am now 40 weeks as of tomorrow.. so she could arrive any day now. It’s a girl and the name is a surprise!

Next month… Show us your Fur Baby contest… Stay tuned…


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