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Customer Notification- Select 2013/14 Clek Car Seats

August 8, 2016

BlogHeader_ClekClek Inc. has determined that a limited quantity of seats produced in late 2013 and 2014 contained fabric covers that were different from what was described. Some seat covers described as free of chlorinated flame retardants were not. In the coming weeks, Clek will be notifying all consumers who have registered a product in the production period noted above with information on how to identify whether they have a product that was incorrectly described. These Clek products remain appropriate for their intended use. Any consumer with one of these products who requests a replacement cover will be sent one at no charge.

The following steps will help you identify if you have a product potentially impacted by this issue:

1. Identify the style of your Clek Foonf or Fllo seat. This limited issue only arose for some:

  • 2014 model year Foonf seats with Flamingo, Snowberry, Tank, Dragonfly, Ink, Blue Moon, Shadow, or Tokidoki (Travel, All-Over, Rebel) colours
  • Fllo model seats with the Flamingo color manufactured in 2014.

If your model or style is not listed above it is not impacted by this issue.

2. Remove the fabric from the cushion of your seat. Check the 10 digit alpha numeric code sewn to the underside of the cover (e.g. 104576D-FMO). If the 7th character (character immediately preceding the dash) is the letter ‘C’ or ‘D’, your seat was manufactured with a 2013 cover that was described incorrectly. If the 7th character (character immediate preceding the dash) is ‘E’ or ‘F’ your seat was properly described.

You can also visually check the foam sewn to the underside of the cushion fabric by comparing it with these images.Clek_ImagesIf you have a product that fits the production period, style, color and code characteristics described above, and you would like a replacement cover, please call Clek’s customer service team at 1-866-656- 2462, or contact them via email at customerservice@clekinc.com with your product’s serial number, image of the seat (if possible) and your contact information. Clek will arrange to have a replacement cover shipped to you at no charge. Please do not bring your seat into a Snuggle Bugz retail location as we do not have the replacement covers in our inventory.

At Snuggle Bugz we take car seat safety very seriously and make it a priority to advise our customers of any notifications or compromises in manufacturer’s product safety. We encourage you to register the products that you purchase so that you will receive the most up to date information on any safety and product notices.

Thank you for your attention to this matter,

Snuggle Bugz.


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