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Cruz it Forward – 2017 Winner!

September 8, 2017


It’s that time again, friends! We have our Cruz it Forward 2017 Winner! This annual contest is a highlight of the summer for Snuggle Bugz and UPPAbaby and something that we eagerly look forward to each August.

Thank you to all 926 of you who submitted an entry, you are truly generous to take the time to enter for your friend, family member or colleague. The stories were emotional to read but heartwarming to know how amazing our community is.  After reading every meaningful entry, our top 10 submissions were reviewed by a panel of judges including both Snuggle Bugz and UPPAbaby team members.

We are extremely touched and humbled to have everyone’s story shared with us.  The community of supportive family members is astounding! And this is why we have selected Tracy as our 2017 Cruz It Forward Winner.

Below you will find the story of Tracy who was nominated by her sister Erin. It is our absolute pleasure to award Tracy with an UPPAbaby Cruz in Loic.

Tracy has kindly agreed to let us share her story with you. Here’s the entry submitted by her sister Erin:

“My sister gave birth to my nephew January 31st 2017 and he is so loved! When she was 4 months pregnant she was laid off by her employer leaving her with a shortened maternity leave (only 8 months). She suffered from preclampsia and spent the last weeks of her pregnancy travelling to the hospital, spending hours a day hooked up to monitors and getting her blood taken. One of those days three nurses and the doctor rushed into her room and told her she had to have an emergency C-section. My nephew spent 7 days in the NICU and had to get transferred to another hospital. Three weeks after having my nephew at home they had a fire in their house and lost almost all of their baby items. Almost everything was gifted to them as my sister has been living on half her original salary. She lost the seat part of her stroller in the fire and has been making it work with just the car seat but my nephew is getting bigger now and she is going to need a new stroller. She’s such a good mother and is so patient with her son who also suffers from very bad eczema. She puts all her time and energy into making sure her son has the best life and I would love to see her have a shiny new luxury stroller to push nephew around in. I know it would make her so happy and I would be so grateful. Fingers crossed Snuggle Bugz chooses my sister and nephew to be the big winners!“

Congratulations on your new stroller, Tracy and family! We know you will love it and we are humbled to be part of this journey with you.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry into our Cruz it Forward 2017 contest and to UPPAbaby for helping us to make this possible.

We’ll see you in 2018!


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