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Cruz it Forward – 2015 Winner!

September 4, 2015


Well hello again! We are back to announce the winner of our annual Cruz it Forward contest! And let me tell you, what a roller coaster of emotions it has been reading through each and every entry! As I sit reading each and every entry, eyes red and puffy, it occurred to me how awesome every single person nominated in this year’s contest truly is. We had 957 entries this year, that is almost double the amount received last year! Which is why this year especially, we required a team effort to identify this year’s winner.

We are truly honoured and touched to share this year’s Cruz It Forward winner’s story and are thankful to have been introduced to such a deserving family and award them such a great gift in partnership with UPPAbaby.

Below you will find the story of Karen who was nominated by her friend Morgan. It is our pleasure and honour to gift Karen a fantastic 2015 Cruz in Georgie.


Karen has kindly agreed to let us share her story with you. The entry submitted by her friend Morgan:

“I cannot think of a person more deserving of an UPPAbaby Cruz than my friend Karen. The past 8 months of her life have been somewhat of an unimaginable story. Karen has been married to the love of her life, Jason for almost 10 years. For most of these 10 years, they have been trying to get pregnant but have been unsuccessful. After many years they decided to look on a dream of adoption. Being in Saskatchewan, adoptions is not always quick and easy. After many years of waiting and waiting they decided to give up on a dream of adopting a baby. On December 23rd 2014 they received the amazing phone call. They had been selected to adopt not one, but two children – a brother and sister. After a month of many trips to meet the kids, an abundance of paper work and so many tears of joy, they were welcome to their home a daughter who is now 6 and her brother who is 4. Their lives were complete and they now had their happy family. On the morning of April 24th, Karen said goodbye to Jason as she did most mornings and he was off to work. She spent the day running her day-home (which my son attended) and making plans for the weekend. Around supper time that evening, everything changed. Karen received a phone call from Jason’s boss saying that he was unconscious but had a heart beat and was being rushed to Regina Hospital. At this moment their lives changed forever. Later that night, Karen arrived at Regina General Hospital and was greeted by hospital staff to hear the words no one should hear. Jason was not going to make it. He had a brain aneurysm and was considered brain dead. At that moment she made the call to both their parents who lived in Newfoundland and told them to get on the next flight out to come say good-bye to the man they all loved. The next 6 weeks were an emotional roller coaster for the whole family. Once things had settled, and the kids and Karen were slowly starting to feel like they were getting into some sort of routine, she realized something with her body did not feel quite right. She originally thought it was just the stress of what they had been through, but something told her it wasn’t. Karen decided to take a pregnancy test. This was not new to her as she has taken many before in the past 9 years as they tried and tried to get pregnant (once being successful until they miscarried very early on)..after Karen took that pregnancy test the result was something no one predicted…she was expecting. Dumbfounded Karen took two more tests to make sure. How was this possible? They had conceived shortly before Jason passed away. A gift he left for her and the family, a piece of him. She is now reaching the half way point of her pregnancy and is still, at times, feels like she is living some kind of dream. We, her friends and family, cannot wait to help her and the kids welcome the newest member in early January 2016.”

Congratulations on your new stroller, Karen and family! We know you will love it and we are humbled to be part of this journey with you. Upon contacting Morgan with the news, she notified us that Karen has announced that she is expecting a baby boy! 

We would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry into our Cruz it Forward 2015 contest and to UPPAbaby for helping us to make this possible.

Until next time!


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