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Cruz it Forward – 2014 Winner!

September 4, 2014


It’s back! Cruz it Forward has returned for the second year. We were so blown away by the response last year that we humbly approached UPPAbaby again to see if they would be interested in a second year. They enthusiastically agreed and provided an UPPAbaby Cruz in Jake for the prize.

Over the last few weeks, we were collecting nominations on our Facebook page for this amazing stroller. To enter, our Snuggle Bugz fans had to nominate someone else to win the stroller and provide a story as to why they felt the nominee should win. Then we looked over the entries and chose the winner by committee. And it was hard, as it was last year (and as we were expecting!).

Last year we received 165 entries, and this year we received over 500, which is absolutely mind boggling! We narrowed it down to 12 entries that were nearly impossible to choose between, and 14 people chose their winning entry. If you nominated someone and didnโ€™t let them know that you did, you should tell them. They may be comforted to know that someone noticed their need and felt they should win this great stroller.

Below you’ll find the story and picture of our 2014 winner, Desiree, who was nominated by her mom, Lynn. It is our pleasure and honour to, along with UPPAbaby, provide a brand new Cruz to Desiree.


My daughter Desiree gave birth to a premature baby boy, Taylum, with Polycistic Kidney disease (a rare and deadly disease.) They were told he may only live a few days. But with the miraculous help of Toronto Sick Kids Hospital he has made it to 16 months and is now awaiting a kidney transplant. Both of his diseased kidneys were removed. They are living in a tiny apartment at Ronald McDonald House now and Desiree needs to bring him to Sick Kids Hospital six mornings a week for Hemodialysis to cleanse his body and blood of urine and other contaminates. She travels back and forth with a pram which was given to her and is very much appreciated. But it has no compartments for her to store all of the items that she needs for Taylum, making these trips and others quite difficult for her. This new UPPAbaby Cruz would solve this problem and help to ease her very busy and hectic day. She is very generous and helpful to others and I strongly feel she deserves to win this UPPAbaby Cruz for herself and Taylum. Thank you very much for this opportunity to make my daughter and Grandsons lives easier. This is a wonderful product.

Congratulations on your new stroller, Desiree! We know you will love it and we are so happy we could be the ones to give it to you! And, because we love community, encouragement and supporting other parents here at Snuggle Bugz, leave an encouraging comment below for Desiree, her husband and baby Taylum!


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