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Creating my Baby Registry: Part 1

August 31, 2017


Well, I truly can’t believe it. 8 months into my pregnancy and it’s time to finally finish my registry (Cough* I mean start). Have you been putting it off? Not sure what you’ll need or where to even begin with your registry? If you said yes… I’m with ya. I’ve had friends asking me where I have registered and I’ve got nothing to send there way. It’s time to bite the bullet and do this. Having no clue where to start I figured I would head to Snuggle Bugz.ca and get things started online.

Let me explain my tardiness. We already have some of the basics for our baby (stroller, car seat) and the nursery (crib, dresser and glider)… But what more does a baby need? Kidding! OK ok, I know I’m going to need bottles and diapers but we can get those things before the baby comes. I’d love for people to be able to buy some clothes for the baby or really know what they’re getting for little boy or girl and because we’re not finding out what we’re having that can be very hard to do. They actually don’t make gender neutral shopping as easy as it sounds. Also, my mom has always wanted me to have a shower after the baby was born so that way people could actually hold and get to meet our new addition. I thought it was a great idea and decided to give ‘Grammie’ (what she wants to be called) her dream baby shower. Plus, I know my mom, mother-in-law, sister and sister-in-law will probably have a lot do to with planning my shower. I know they’re all so excited.

So… where do we start?

Snuggle Bugz Registry (5 of 9)


Sign up. This took no time at all and was extremely easy. I needed to input my email, password, due date, shower date and our names. I love that you can even personalize your page with a photo, a cover photo AND a personal message to whoever visits your registry. Once you’re in now what? I noticed at the bottom of the page that you can choose to explore “Pregnancy Essentials”, “Diapering”, “Nursery & Decor” or “Gear”. Sounds pretty easy right? I clicked on “Pregnancy Essentials” and the first thing I noticed was a winter coat extender… I didn’t even know you could get one of those!? The baby sits right inside to keep it warm in the winter. So smart. Ok, so how do I add this to the registry? I hovered my mouse icon above it and noticed that “Add to Registry” or “Full Details” popped up. I clicked add to registry and voila! Easy as that. Let the fun begin!


If you’re doing this alone or with your partner make sure you’ve got some time to look at your options. You may want to read the full details on an item, look at comparables or just enjoy scrolling through all the shopables. Look long and hard because 1) there’s so much to choose from 2) you’ll be using these items A LOT. So because I won’t need much pregnancy stuff on my registry as the baby will already be born so I skipped to the “diapering” section. This is where you may need to do some research. Do you want a Diaper Genie? An Ubbi? Maybe a Dekor? I’ve had friends who have recommended the Ubbi so I’m going to add it to my list. Ooooooo how about a wipes warmer? Sounds amazing right? You know what box I clicked. Here’s a really helpful Baby Registry & Products Checklist to help you with the essentials.


You may actually need to stop and get some feedback. Honestly, this is the best part about me signing up online FIRST before I headed into the store. This way you can do some brand research online for things like cloth diapers. Do you know if you want to go with a toss away or a cloth diaper? It’s important to know this before you start adding them to your registry. Ask family and friends for their suggestions if that will help you make up your mind. Of course, once you’ve made your decision then you’ll have to decide which cloth diaper to choose or which diaper brand you’re hoping to use. Seems like a lot right? All the more reason to take your time while you complete your registry so you can make some smart choices for your baby.


Go over your selections with your partner to make sure that you’re both on the same page. This is just as exciting for them as it is for you (I hope). Also, make a day trip of it and go check out your items in person! Head on into the store to actually see the play yard  you chose or maybe you want to see the actual colour of your high chair or stroller. I know these sound like obvious things to do but if you don’t make the time for it you could end up with something that’s apple green when you may have wanted an olive green colour.

Good luck! We’re not done yet… Part two of creating my baby registry will be on the blog over the next couple of weeks.

Jaclyn Harper

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