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Clek: Foonf vs Fllo

December 19, 2014



Recently, Canadian car seat company, Clek, added a new seat to their line: the Clek Fllo. At first glance, Fllo looks just like their top-of-the-line seat, the Foonf. This is because the actual seat is the same design, and the differences are in the base for the most part. Let’s take a look at them:

This one stands out right away when you look at the two seats. Yes Fllo is less expensive than the Foonf. For a couple of reasons, which we’ll explore.

The Clek Foonf is so easy to get a tight installation on because of the rigid latch. Unfortunately because of this, if you don’t have UAS/LATCH in every seating position, you miss out on this awesome feature. So why pay for it? The Fllo doesn’t have rigid latch, which can save you a few bucks if you’re not going to be using it anyway. Clek’s seats will continue to fit”three across” in many vehicles (make sure to check the fit in your vehicle before investing in three seats at once!), so you can do a mix and match of Foonf and Fllo in your car (ie: Foonf on the two outer positions, Fllo in the middle).

REACT/Crumple Technology
Because the base is completely different, Fllo doesn’t have the REACT technology in it and instead has gone with an Automotive Inspired Crumple Technology to transfer crash forces away from your child in the event of a collision. It is very similar to REACT in how it works (aluminum honeycomb cores that collapse to absorb energy), but just positioned differently in the seat. See below, with Fllo on the left and Foonf on the right.

I sound like a broken record here, but because of the different base, it sits differently in the car when rear-facing. It sits lower! You can see a good side-by-side of the two bases here:


The Fllo is 10lbs lighter than the Foonf when used rear-facing (28lbs vs 38lbs), and also 10lbs lighter when used forward facing (25bs vs 35lbs). Once the seat is in the car, the weight doesn’t really make a difference to most users’ preferences, but if you’re moving it from car to car, 10lbs is a pretty substantial difference!

This is minor when compared to the safety features listed above, but the Fllo is currently only available with the black base. Or at least, it WILL come in all these colours, but it will take a while to have them all rolled out.

fllo-coloursWhat do you think? Do you think the Fllo is filling a need in the market? Comment and let me know!


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