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2017 Baby Talk Diaper Bags Trendwatch

Spice up your… Diaper Bag?

Obviously when you think about a diaper bag you think about something that needs to be practical. It needs to be easy to carry, has enough room to fit what you need, preferably wipeable on the inside and organized. Well at least that’s what…

August 10, 2017
2016 Get the Look Gift Guide Trendwatch

Black and White Style

While summer pastels are light and refreshing, there is something about timeless black and white that looks crisp, clean and modern. If you are shopping for a gender neutral gift, or just love the monochromatic look, here are some of our favourite black and…

July 20, 2016
2015 Brand Spotlight Strollers Trendwatch

What’s New, Bugaboo?

Over the last few months we’ve seen a few exciting new items from our friends at Bugaboo and we thought we’d share those with you, as well as a few cozy accessories that are perfect for the Winter season. First up are two special edition strollers,…

December 10, 2015
2013 Trendwatch

Trendwatch Tuesday: Red All Over

And with this red board, we’re retiring the Trendwatch series! It’s been a great run and we’ve loved it but we’re going to take some time away from Trendwatch and, well, just watch :)We may bring it back in the New Year but are…

August 27, 2013
2013 Trendwatch

Trendwatch: Junior Firefighter

My good friend’s husband is a firefighter and she said they get at least one (if not several) fire truck or other firefighter-related Christmas ornaments. I couldn’t help but think of them when putting together  this board as I’m sure, when they have kids,…

August 20, 2013