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2016 Feeding Product Reviews Seasonal

Sweet Pea Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Summer is here and nothing kicks off warm weather fun like a long weekend! Bathing suits are on, fireworks and cookouts are planned, and children (and adults) across the country are searching for a cool, refreshing treat that will result in sticky faces and satisfied…

July 1, 2016
2016 Product Reviews

BabyBjörn Mini Bouncer Review

In the second edition of our Watercolour Collection Blog Series, we welcome Snuggle Bugz owner and Mama, Tanya, to review the BabyBjörn Balance Soft Bouncer. Available in exciting new colours exclusive to Snuggle Bugz in Canada, this bouncer runs on fun alone- no batteries required! Read on…

June 17, 2016
2016 Product Reviews

Product Review – Nuna Leaf Swing

Inspired by the carefree float of a leaf on a breeze, the Nuna LEAF baby seat treats baby to a similarly mesmerizing ride. The distinctive design was invented from a baby’s point of view and works at playtime, lunchtime and mama’s chore time. Whether it’s a…

April 21, 2016
2016 Diapering Product Reviews Safety

The Honest Truth: Diaper Review

We are kicking off a new series, The Honest Truth, written by a mom, who also happens to work at Snuggle Bugz, but was an “Honest Lover” far before being hired for this job. This series will focus on reviewing products from The Honest…

March 3, 2016
2016 Babywearing Product Reviews Sleep

New and Noteworthy – SleepBelt

We are so excited to launch one of our favourite new products to Snuggle Bugz, the SleepBelt. Invented and made in Canada by sister team Ashley Wade and Hayley Mullins, SleepBelt is an amazing skin-skin support system that is simple and effective. Given that…

March 1, 2016
2015 Bathtime Product Reviews

The Bath Shelfie – Product Review

We are so excited to partner with the creators of the Shelfie to exclusively launch this amazing product into the Canadian marketplace. Shelfie is an easy-to-use shelf that adheres to the side of your tub to contain all of the water that inevitably pours…

November 4, 2015
2015 Babywearing Pregnancy Product Reviews Seasonal

Kokoala Coat Extension Review

As pregnancy progresses, so too does that sweet bump and the collection of clothes required to fit it. While the everyday maternity pieces are often a welcome addition, (shout out to elastic waist jeans!), some seasonal pieces can be hard to justify and even harder on the wallet.…

October 8, 2015