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2017 Life With Baby Mom Talk Product Reviews Safety

Sunscreen Roundup

With so many conflicting opinions, reviews and reports on how effective/toxic/natural/protective sunscreen is, we decided to test a few different brands and types that Snuggle Bugz carries to judge for ourselves. Conducting a study such as this requires very scientific methods so we found…

August 9, 2017
2017 Mom Talk New with Two

Rock-a-Bye-Baby Weight

Well, now that baby #2 is almost officially 9 months old and has spent as much time on the outside as he was on the inside, it is more than time to get serious about shedding the baby weight (before it becomes toddler weight).…

June 28, 2017
2016 Mom Talk

Transitioning to Kindergarten Essentials

Transitioning to Kindergarten Essentials So the day has come and gone, and your little one is officially in school. Or as my kids call it, “Big Kid School”. As kids are all unique, each one will adjust and assimilate at a different pace and…

September 15, 2016