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Essentials with Emily

2017 Essentials with Emily Seasonal

Surviving Cold & Flu Season with Baby

Winter is here, and with it lots of germs and sickness floating around with the snowflakes. There are a variety of illnesses more prevalent in the winter months, and our little ones (as well as pregnant mamas) are most susceptible. It’s important to protect against these…

February 16, 2017
2017 Essentials with Emily Playtime

Indoor Play for the Winter

I’m all for braving the cold and getting outside in the winter months, but I think all moms know that their kids have a significantly reduced capacity for the outdoors when the weather gets cold. In Canada, from December to April we’re likely to…

January 25, 2017
2016 Essentials with Emily

Surviving the Holidays

The Holidays are here, and with it, all the familiar chaos! If this is your first major holiday season with a baby in tow, however, it’s all new and maybe a bit intimidating. Here are a few tips for surviving and thriving with the…

December 16, 2016
2016 Essentials with Emily Sleep

Overnight Essentials

With the holidays around the corner, chances are your little one may be gearing up for their first sleepover. Nearly half of Canadian families travel to visit family for the holidays, but if it’s your first time sleeping elsewhere there are a few things…

October 28, 2016
2016 Babywearing Essentials with Emily

Baby Wearing Essentials

One of the most popular items on any baby registry is the baby carrier, and it’s no wonder why. Baby carriers provide parents with the freedom to move about while still being a nurturing presence for their baby. Mothers have been using some variation…

October 23, 2016