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2017 Life With Baby New with Two Sleep

Twice the Sleep Deprivation

Everyone with a baby has had someone tell them to  “sleep when the baby sleeps.” But when you have a toddler that no longer naps or is on a different schedule than your baby, that is pretty much impossible advice to take. And I…

April 20, 2017
2017 Sleep Sleep Tight

Easter Bedtimes Made Fun

The Holidays bring festivities and celebration for families and friends. It’s a time for fun and good eating. Easter extra special when you have kids and when our kids are well-rested it makes this time more pleasant for everyone. If bedtimes have become a…

April 11, 2017
2017 Sleep Sleep Tight

3 Tricks to Get Your Baby Sleeping in the Crib

Almost all of us struggle with sleep issues at some point in our parenting lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s your baby or toddler, sleep struggles can seem like a never-ending journey on a very sleep-deprived road. If you’re not sleeping well because you’re…

February 14, 2017
2017 Brand Spotlight Sleep

Non-Toxic & Safe – Talking about Nook Products

  Independently owned and operated, Nook Sleep Systems operates out of Southern California and sources as many North American organic materials and manufacturing processes as possible. Nook’s mission is to continually challenge themselves to make their products healthier, safer and smarter. Their sleep products are…

February 1, 2017
2016 Essentials with Emily Sleep

Overnight Essentials

With the holidays around the corner, chances are your little one may be gearing up for their first sleepover. Nearly half of Canadian families travel to visit family for the holidays, but if it’s your first time sleeping elsewhere there are a few things…

October 28, 2016