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2018 Potty Training Product Reviews

Potty Training – Here we go!

No more diapers they said, potty training is easy they said. Well, here I am โ€“ prepared as ever with my โ€˜every must-have necessary to successfully potty trainโ€™ kit, my two-year-old man(iac), and pee all over the floor. Little Levi = 1, this mom…

June 7, 2018
2016 Life With Baby Mom Talk Potty Training

Potty Training Essentials

After six years and three kids, our household is officially diaper-free! I still need to pinch myself, because after years and years of diapers, usually diapering two kiddos at a time; itโ€™s hard to believe we are down to just one child, using one…

June 23, 2016
2013 Potty Training Product Reviews

Prince Lionheart weePod Basix

Is your child starting to show signs that they are ready to potty train? Do they have frequent “dry times” that last two or more hours? Are they able to pull their pants up and down on their own, and are interested in sitting…

July 4, 2013