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2018 Babywearing

Babywearing Series – Part 2: Wraps & Slings

In addition to soft-sided carriers, wrap carriers and ring slings are another favourite for babywearing. Both baby wearing options have a learning curve but, once you have the technique down, your life will be changed forever. There are a few different options on the market…

October 3, 2018
2018 Babywearing

Babywearing Series – Part 1: Soft Structured Carriers

In celebration of International Babywearing Week we have created a series of blog posts to educate and inform you on the various carrying options available, safety tips, and tutorials for using them. Part One of our Babywearing Series will be focused on soft structured…

October 3, 2018
2016 Babywearing Essentials with Emily

Baby Wearing Essentials

One of the most popular items on any baby registry is the baby carrier, and it’s no wonder why. Baby carriers provide parents with the freedom to move about while still being a nurturing presence for their baby. Mothers have been using some variation…

October 23, 2016
2016 Babywearing Product Reviews Sleep

New and Noteworthy – SleepBelt

We are so excited to launch one of our favourite new products to Snuggle Bugz, the SleepBelt. Invented and made in Canada by sister team Ashley Wade and Hayley Mullins, SleepBelt is an amazing skin-skin support system that is simple and effective. Given that…

March 1, 2016
2015 Babywearing Pregnancy Product Reviews Seasonal

Kokoala Coat Extension Review

As pregnancy progresses, so too does that sweet bump and the collection of clothes required to fit it. While the everyday maternity pieces are often a welcome addition, (shout out to elastic waist jeans!), some seasonal pieces can be hard to justify and even harder on the wallet.…

October 8, 2015
2014 Babywearing Product Reviews

Cybex 2.Go Baby Carrier

When it comes to baby carriers, there seem to be a couple of established brands that most parents turn to right away. Unfortunately, Cybex isn’t one on them. It simply doesn’t have the name recognition of Baby Bjorn or ERGObaby, which is a shame…

January 23, 2014