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Brand Spotlight: Maxi Cosi

July 7, 2014

Everyone put your hands together for a new brand to Snuggle Bugz – Maxi Cosi! This brand has been a long time coming and many (many) people over the years have asked for it! Maxi Cosi is made by the parent company, Dorel, which is Canadian-owned and headquartered in Montreal! They have facilities supporting their different brands in 24 different countries, plus they hold over 750 patents for design innovation.

Maxi Cosi car seats are manufactured in Columbus, Indiana at a 1.1 million sq ft facility that is built on 43 acres of land! At their Columbus facility, they have three crash test sleds to put their seats through the most rigorous of testing. Maxi Cosi seats are even tested on a special side-impact sled. This sled moves sideways instead of moving forward in order to truly understand how effective the side impact protection is on their seats.

Currently we are carrying two of their infant bucket seats and extra bases: the Mico AP and the Prezi. I’ll let you in on a little secret here: the Prezi in Reliant Blue (below) is our customers’ favourite so far! So let’s jump right in and tell you about these two seats.Prezi-Blue

The Mico AP, at $229.99, is the lightest infant car seat in its class at just 8.6 lbs without the base. This is huge for parents who don’t want to carry around a super heavy car seat WITH a baby inside; and who does? Mico-SideThe Mico AP is suitable from 5-22lbs and up to 29″ in height. It has the patented Air Protect technology from Dorel that is found in a number of their seats. Air Protect, in a nutshell, shields the occupant’s head and reduces impact forces through the precise release of air. It includes all the same goodies you’ll get with all infant seats on the market: a large canopy, a base and 5-point harness, and a “Cozi Dozi” head support for tiny little babies.

Mico-Cozi-DoziThe Mico AP also comes with a one-year warranty from date of purchase and it looks pretty snazzy to boot.Mico-Angle

Then, coming in at $299.99 is the Maxi Cosi Prezi. The Prezi accommodates the same height as the Mico but will contain a child from 4-30lbs, and also has a one-year warranty. Because of the added features on the Prezi, it is a bit heavier at 11lbs. The Prezi also has more convenience features on it, like an “Easy-Out Harness” that gets out of the way so your child isn’t getting tangled in it when you are putting them in and taking them out. A no-rethread harness is also a quick adjustment for growing babies without having to pull the straps out of the car seat and thread them back in a different hole. For additional safety features, like the Mico AP, it has Air Protect plus new G-Cell HX technology. G-Cell HX technology is EPP foam with heaxagonal cutouts in it to help mitigate the energy from the “first impact” in a collision, which works with Air Protect to dispel remaining crash forces. The base on the Prezi has a rebound bar on it as well. One interesting and different thing about the Prezi is the sun canopy – it’s just fabric that pulls up and attaches to the handle. Really quite cool – check it out:


And that, my friends, are the two seats that Snuggle Bugz is now carrying from Maxi Cosi. Do you have a Maxi Cosi? Comment with what you love about it!


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