2017 Behind the Bump Pregnancy Third Trimester

Behind the 2nd Bump: The Third Trimester

June 22, 2017


Well here we are, at the (near) end of the pregnancy. Hasn’t it flown by? Hahahahaha, no, no it hasn’t. As with all life events, at times it takes forever and at times it flies by. And when you get to the due date, you’ll think “already?!” on one side of the brain and on the other you’ll think “good gravy just get it over with”… To be honest that’s where I am right now.

29-31 weeks – My mom is in town for the 29th week, she usually seems to do a visit at the beginning of April each year. We didn’t really do too too many things, I’m not sure why. I did get the kids’ nearly-matching thrifted side tables sanded and painted and we went to a Hometown Hockey festival that was in town. Overall I’m feeling rather large Marge but mostly ok. My sinuses have calmed down substantially, thank goodness, and I’m sleeping decently.

32 weeks – My 32 week midwife appointment determined that the baby is still breech – most have turned into the head down position by this point. If you missed my exciting breech experience last pregnancy, you’ll certainly want to catch up. Last time they didn’t catch it until 36 weeks though and 32 is MUCH earlier to start thinking about things I can do to help the baby turn. Lots of time…. right? We moved Harrison out of the nursery and into his big boy bed after taking the front off his crib and letting him get used to that for two weeks. So far so good! He loves his new room which I’m so happy about as I put a lot of time and energy into it (time, I have. Energy, not so much).

33-35 weeks – 34 week ultrasound to confirm positioning confirms that I have another Frank Breech on my hands (bum down, head and feet up). I’ve started going to a waterfit class twice a week and it’s pretty amazing. Even if it doesn’t help the baby turn, it’s so nice to get into the pool and stretch my hips and my shoulders. I’ve mentioned it before but water workouts when you’re pregnant are the absolute best. I’ve also started going to a chiropractor pretty aggressively (at the very beginning of my 33 week) to try and get some head-down movement from this child. Still keeping up with chiropractic and waterfit regularly. My inlaws visit for a while and we do *all the projects* that need doing in the house – big and small. Some nesting things like freezer meals and hanging a mobile, some repair things, it was super productive and a big relief.

36-38 weeks – Oh boy. The almighty ECV. For those unfamiliar with an ECV (which is most), it’s an External Cephalic Version and it’s an attempt to turn a baby head down from the outside using a little bit of pressure (or lots of pressure but who’s counting). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and it really can’t be predicted. I had it done with Harrison at 37 weeks and it worked on the third turn attempt. I wasn’t so lucky this time as the baby was positioned with its back to my back which makes  it very hard to turn. Three tries with no luck and they called it a day. I was devastated and cried for a few days while I laid upside down on the ironing board (propped on the couch) and tried to encourage the baby to turn on its own. A follow-up appointment led to me asking if we could try it again. The doctor was very reluctant, but didn’t say no, and I knew if there was a chance, then I had to go for it. And lo and behold, they had a spot the next day and THE BABY TURNED WITH NO RESISTANCE! I couldn’t even believe it. So then I cried again, for like half an hour while they monitored the baby’s heartbeat and then we got to go home. So back to Plan A! Phew, that was stressful, and I know that people give birth differently every day but it was taking me a while to come to terms with what the new options could have been.

And now we wait for baby!

– Sarah


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