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Behind the Bump: Weeks 30 & 31

June 10, 2014

30WeeksOh hai. I missed a week. I actually didn’t miss it but seriously NOTHING happened that week (week 30) so I had nothing to say. Anyway, here we are, just finishing my 31st week. Things are actually going really well, except for my inability to get off the couch without some kind of audible struggle. But seriously, everything feels good except for the thrice weekly hysterical cry at the stupidest things (and a couple things I’ll mention further down). At least I’m aware they’re stupid at the time, even if I’m drowning in tears. That at least helps a bit.

Oh my gosh can we talk acid reflux for a second? For the love of all that is good in this world please tell me how to manage this! I had only the smallest bit of nausea in my first trimester and nothing refluxy since until about a week ago and I feel like a battery has been leaking acid steadily into my throat ever since. I looked online and got a few tips (some contradictory, as the internet is want to do), but I managed to come away with the following tips: sleep inclined (ugh hate this), sleep on my left side (I thought this was a crock but I tested it and it actually worked), steer clear of caffeine, chocolate and peppermint (I am only moderately succeeding at this), avoid citrus (except pineapple) and spicy food etc (this I already know), chew gum… any more?

I’m currently (like literally right this second) trying out an anti Acid Reflux Smoothie. I looked on Pinterest because I figured it was a sure thing and there were 1,000 photos containing this ONE recipe so I figured I’d give it a shot. I ignored the measurements because it’s a smoothie and ain’t nobody got time for that. Pineapple, banana, yogurt, pineapple juice and water and I added ground flax. Pretty tasty and I hope it helps!

My wardrobe is getting more and more limited as the weeks go on. I had to grab some bigger lounge pants as none of mine were fitting, which made me sad but the ones I got are great (and cheap) so that’s nice. Other than those, I’ve basically sworn off pants altogether; the under-the-belly style squeeze me too tightly and the over the belly style are like a piece of chicken wire cutting into my abdomen. So I’m down to a couple dresses and four maxi skirts.

Prenatal classes started this week and they run until the end of July. We could have done the more intense version of two Saturdays all day but seriously I would be so overwhelmed with information and I didn’t want that. The first class went well. This coming Thursday we talk about car seats and I will do my best not to be all Hermione Granger on the poor instructor. #iknowtheanswer #pickmepickme

The baby gets the hiccups at least three times a day, which is pretty cute but also I’m all sitting in a meeting at work and my belly is doing a metronome-inspired hiccup dance.

Yoga ended, which is the best news I have for you this time. IT ALSO ENDED A WEEK EARLY, hallelujah.

Also, everyone is hassling me about not looking excited enough in my photos, and I always say it’s because I’m ALREADY standing in the bathroom by myself taking a photo of myself in the mirror. To smile for it makes me feel even weirder. But alas, here you go:

31WeeksUntil next week!



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