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Behind the Bump: Week 26

May 6, 2014

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26WeeksI barely took any photos this week, so this is the best I can do. Something you don’t care about: I ordered that shirt for $8 from a US big box store that carries maternity – the best deals are online because they have the most variety. Anyway, it just seemed SO BLAH and I was thinking it was going to be spring (still waiting…) and that this grey shirt was too wintery. And then totally loved it when I put it on. Moving along.  This has been a really busy week for me in all areas so I don’t really have much (pregnancy-wise) to report other than what I said last week (Week 25). Because I’ve already forgotten it.

I want to thank everyone who commented on the last blog post or on Facebook with tips re: sinus congestion. You saved me, my husband AND my coworkers a lot of grief! But mostly me. Based on the recommendations on Facebook, I bought a bottle of Hydrasense Medium Stream Nasal Care and a Neti Pot on my way home from work last Tuesday. I started with the Hydrasense to see if it helped and BOY DID IT EVER! I haven’t been congested even once since I started using it! The thing is, the bottle that I bought was (on sale) $11. And it’s already gone. I don’t know if I’m using it too enthusiastically or what, but I powered through that puppy in less than a week. Maybe great for a sinus infection, perhaps not great long term as I’ll go broke buying a bottle of it every week. On to the Neti Pot – I will of course report back on my findings. Anyway, thank you ladies for your suggestions!

People have started to use the term “showing quite well for XX weeks’ which I take to mean that they think I’m huge. That’s ok.

I started to think about maternity and newborn photos and check out photographers. And then almost don’t want to do it because it involves finding something to wear. But I will do it. More on that later.

At the end of this week my husband and a friend of ours are going to paint the nursery. Here is its current buttercream-wall state (cringe): nursery-seriouslybeforeWe currently refer to it as “the dressing room” and have NO IDEA where to put all of the stuff that is currently in the room. I guess we’ll have to figure it out as we’re sure not going to be ironing in there while a baby is trying to sleep! That being said, the previous owners had their nursery in here as well and it was a very simple sock monkey red/black theme and actually really cute. I assume my nursery will NOT BE VERY SIMPLE but one will only know when it’s all in the room (and bursting out the door, I’m sure).

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