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Behind the Bump: 38 Weeks

July 29, 2014

38weeksSweet goodness I hope this is my last update. For your sake, dear reader, I hope you don’t have to read next week’s because it’s going to be super complainy. Ugh and I’m not even at 40 weeks yet! I will say, if you are someone who has had a hard pregnancy, A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR YOU! Mine has been pretty much peachy and this last 4 weeks is hammering me into the ground. I don’t know how I could have done THIS for 40 weeks.

ANYWAY, this week was the almighty ECV at the hospital. If you’re just joining us or don’t know what that is, first welcome, and second it is a procedure where they try to turn the baby from breech to head down by manhandling you on the outside. External Cephalic Version.

So we arrive at the hospital at 8am, me not having eaten since midnight. The labour and delivery ward was much quieter and calmer than I thought it was going to be. We run into one of our midwives there who was just finishing a FIFTEEN MINUTE LABOUR. Good times. They take us into a labour room and she asks me to put on the gown. But doesn’t instruct if I can leave my undergarments on, and I’m also confused as to which way to put it on. Generally the opening goes at the back, but they need to access my belly, so I’m confused. So I get that all sorted outย  and she comes in, straps a baby heart rate monitor on me, takes a few vitals and leaves for 30 minutes. In that time my husband and I chat, and he makes me laugh and the monitor slips a bit so I instruct him to not make me laugh, which doesn’t help.

Then a team of people parade in. The doctor doing the Version, a nurse, an ultrasound technician and a resident. It doesn’t take them long to setup, they check baby’s position on the ultrasound, the doctor makes it clear to everyone what she’s going to do and then they start. She’s told us she’s going to turn the baby forward, which means rotating it to my left side. Step one is for her to get underneath the baby at my pelvis and then start turning the rest with her other hand. It was uncomfortable, definitely. Definitely very uncomfortable, especially because I could feel the changing points of pressure inside my belly which meant they were turning it. There were a few moments of pain, and I had to grip the nurse once or twice. Then there was a request to stop from the ultrasound technician because the baby’s heart rate had dropped. I can’t even imagine how this all feels on the baby. I mean seriously. So she asked if we wanted to try again, with the knowledge that if the heart rate drops and stays dropped, I’ll have to have a c-section and we’ll have a baby TODAY. I asked for a couple minutes to think about it and they all left the room. I wanted to give baby a few minutes to rest as well. In the meantime, the baby is sideways and I’m not terribly comfortable. We decide to go for it, and a c-section that day wouldn’t be the end of the world.

15 minutes later they try again and the baby stalls at the same point (but with a strong heart beat), and again and same thing. It’s starting to look like maybe this wasn’t going to happen. Then the ultrasound technician suggests a backwards roll, turning it towards my right side. A bit more discomfort and manhandling and then… it turned! The pressure was gone and the medical staff were SUPER EXCITED. I nearly cried I was so happy to have it positioned properly! Then they monitor it for a full hour to make sure the baby is happy in its new position, which it appeared to be, and then we could go home! Rather, we went to get food because I was weak with hunger.

All in all, if I had to do it again with another pregnancy, I totally would. And I wouldn’t even really dread it that much. If someone is reading this who is booked in for one, it’s going to be ok.

And that is what dominated my week! I am now 39 weeks as I write these blog posts at the end of the week, which means I’m seriously in the home stretch. We had our re-shoot of our maternity photos last night and that was good,even though I’m a tank. I’m done work now, which is also good as I’m quite tired and distracted these days.

Hey also have you seen the Baby Pool on the Snuggle Bugz Facebook Page? Go there and guess what you think I’m having/when/how big and you could win a JJ Cole Satchel FULL of goodies. I packed it myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of all the moms who had their baby turn at the hospital, was your experience similar to mine? Leave me a comment!



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