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Behind the Bump: 37 weeks

July 22, 2014

37 WeeksFirst I’ll say my belly looks smaller than it is in that photo because of the tie down the side. But it’s a force to be reckoned with, for reals. Since we last saw each other, a little and a lot have happened. First the “lot”: we kicked it into high gear with our baby preparations which means buying and building our stroller and taking the car seat out of the box. The car seat is to be installed tonight – and obviously we needed to test the harness with our tester, Cody. I made sure the harness was at or below his shoulders, the chest clip was at armpit level and did the pinch test to check for slack in the harness. The last two are tricky when you’re working with a stuffed crocodile, just saying.

codyWe also spent time getting a rug for the nursery (which is just ok but really does make it a nicer room), and we got the bookshelves up on the wall, which I love. Recognize any of those books? Which ones are your favourite?

Bookshelves-installedAnd now for the little: still no change in baby’s position. Last week I did acupuncture and lots of lying upside down on the ironing board AND I tried to do chiropractic but it didn’t pan out. The ECV (I thought) was supposed to be last week and then we got there and were informed we were just there for a consultation. The hospital and my midwives’ office appeared to have gotten their wires crossed. So we consulted. SO, tomorrow is the actual ECV at the hospital, hence why we’re installing the car seat tonight JUST IN CASE.ย  And probably why the gals at work had a going away ice cream and candy party for me yesterday. Just in case I never come back ๐Ÿ™‚

SarahsGoingAwayThey gave me a beautiful framed quote that goes perfectly in the nursery and they all wrote messages to the baby on the back, which were all so sweet to read. My last day at work is this Friday but I’ll be blogging weekly until the baby comes, then I’ll be taking 4 weeks off and continuing to blog weekly through my maternity leave.

We got the rest of our maternity photos back but are having them re-taken due to a logistical error (long story, I’ll spare you the details). As much as I’m not really looking forward to photos of me at 39 weeks because my belly is HUGE, I’ve outgrown almost all my clothes, my wedding ring only fits if I coax it on with Crisco, and my face is basically just a round sphere, I’m glad we’ll hopefully have the photos we needed. Here are a few more from four weeks ago:

maternity-collageAlso we still don’t have a boy’s name and I’m starting to hope it is a girl just so we don’t have to torture ourselves over a name. Lots of tears this week, both from happiness (slash being overwhelmed with the love of those around me) and from frustration (slash stick a fork in me I’m done and ready for no more pregnancy).

That’s really all for now, although that was kind of a lot all crammed into a little bit of space. Wish me well for the baby-turning tomorrow!



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