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Behind the Bump: 36 Weeks

July 15, 2014

36WeeksOh my goodness, what a week.

We started out with a midwife appointment on Tuesday, which began with me realizing I was all of a sudden gaining more weight than a baby elephant. Large and in charge, coming through. I know I’m still on a healthy curve but it was a bit like, “That’s nice, SCALE. GOOD DAY TO YOU,” and the scale was all like “But wait, let me explain, it’s normal and it’s because you’re…” and I was like “I SAID GOOD DAY,” and stormed off. Picture me and my belly ‘storming off…’ I mentioned the baby elephant thing to my husband in the waiting room and he was like “Do you KNOW that you’re ACTUALLY gaining more weight than a baby elephant?” and I, of course, said no, because WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS THE WEIGHT GAIN OF A BABY ELEPHANT, I MEAN REALLY?! And then he just gave me a look and I had to put my hyperbole in my pocket and slink away.

Then the appointment progressed with two new midwives (our secondary team for when labour happens) and PLENTY of talk about labour, which hasn’t really phased me in my prenatal classes but was making me extremely lightheaded and a bit jittery in the appointment. Then I jump climb laboriously up on el tabla for the position check/heartbeat listen and that’s where things continued to go awry (don’t panic, baby’s healthy). My regular midwife had thought the baby was head down, and this one was like “What’s that hard thing?” which I had previously understood to be a baby booty and just really thought that baby got back. So she gets out these medieval heart-listening tools (shown below) to get a more accurate idea of where the heartbeat is coming from, and it resonates just below my belly button, which helps nobody because that’s where it could be regardless of position. (Small sidebar: I got to hear baby’s heartbeat through a stethoscope and it was so cute. Just like a faint little drum.)

PinardHorn-640So midwife #2 then does the whole exam and comes to the same conclusion, which is, in fact, no conclusion at all. Nobody knows if that’s a booty or a head, and therefore nobody knows 1) if baby actually got back, and 2) what position baby’s in. They were like “it’s either a very round bum or a head” and I was like, “hey honey, it got your bum!” Which he thought was charming and endearing, I’m sure. So they asked if I wanted another midwife to check and I thought HEY WHY NOT?! Let’s bring everyone in for some kind of training exercise perhaps! So midwife #3 (four including my regular midwife who had already checked at previous appointments) comes in, introduces herself and proceeds to do the same exam the other two did. For those who don’t know what they were doing, it’s just an external exam where they feel around my belly with their hands. Nothing invasive or horrifying in any way. So she’s like “If I was a betting gal, which I’m not, I would say it’s head down with a bony bum,” which I didn’t know how to take because she said IF she was a betting gal and then said but she wasn’t. And then I was all “oh, maybe it got my bum instead.” So our options were: stay put and have an internal exam done, or go for an ultrasound in the next day or two. I’m like “WELL, of those two options, the ultrasound definitely is more appealing…” (and more accurate) so she sent us for an ultrasound the next day.

Then I spend 24 hours COMPLETELY over-analyzing every movement the baby makes and wondering what part of it is moving. Annnnnnnnnd to cut the suspense, we go for the ultrasound and the baby is breech. A Frank Breech to be exact, which means the baby is folded in half with its feet at its head, but its feet aren’t in front like this illustration below. The baby is turned to my/its left, so the feet are up my left side.frank breechI tried to stay pretty calm and tell myself that MANY people have had their babies turn – up until the last minute, but I spent most of last Wednesday evening with a broken spirit, to be totally honest.

My midwife called the next day and told me two options: 1) Have an OB try and turn it or 2) Don’t. After a long conversation, I figured we’d go for it. I’d rather have them try and if it doesn’t turn THEN play the waiting game and see if it turns on its own, and then decide between a vaginal breech birth or a c-section: neither of which looks like a super option to me right now. It’s called an “External Cephalic Version” and is all external. You can see a video of someone having it done here.

So in the days following (Thursday through Monday), I tried all of the tools in the internet’s toolbox to try and get the baby to turn. Many of them make sense but are absurd, and some don’t make ANY sense but have been known to work sometimes. BUT ALL ARE BETTER THAN A BREECH BABY! Even if I didn’t get it to turn, I figured maybe I would make it a bit easier for the OB to get it to turn? Ok, so I tried playing music to my “lower abdomen” while lying reclined on an ironing board that was half propped on the couch. Seriously. And my husband walked in and was just totally befuddled. Determination, yo. Also, lying inverted on an ironing board for 20 minutes is one of the less comfortable things I’ve done. Then there’s downward dog, ice on the top of your belly and warmth on the bottom of the belly ETCETERA. Then there’s acupuncture, which makes no sense to me but I actually know people who had acupuncture done and then the baby turned within a day. Ok, I’ll give it a try.

So acupuncture last night (Monday) resulted in nothing really. The baby is supposed to move a TON and then flip (from what people have told me happened to them), but that didn’t happen. And today I’m waiting to hear from my midwife to know about an appointment at the hospital for an ECV. I might have to go in Wednesday and wait until someone can see me.

Le sigh. Any late-turning breech babies here or anyone who birthed a Frank Breech? RAISE YOUR FREAKING HANDS IN THE AIR (and leave me a comment)!

Oh and also, now that 36 weeks is done, we’re full term!



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  • Vanessa

    my second little guy turned on his own at 36-37 weeks during the night and stayed put until he was born! 🙂 There’s still hope!

    • SnugBug

      Thanks Vanessa! I was broken for a day and then it turned into determination. Did you do anything to help your little guy along before he turned?

      • Vanessa

        no, nothing. I had a surprise c-section with my first and although I was determined to have a vaginal birth with my second I felt defeated learning he was breached and didn’t feel like trying anything (other then the light trick I think)…then he just turned a few nights later!

  • Renee

    We had twins four months ago. Twin A was born head first but B had been in a frank breech for weeks. Once her water broke they were able to extend her legs and do a breech extraction. I know this might be more common for twins than a single pregnancy but if your midwife (or OB, which I’m guessing would be the case if you go for a breech extraction because you may/will want an epidural) is trained and comfortable doing it then it is very safe. All the best!

    • SnugBug

      Renee that sounds WAY more complicated than what I’m dealing with! And all three of you came out ok, which is the best thing! And the thing that worries me! -Sarah

      • Renee

        All that was to say that you sound like you’re putting yours and babes safety first which is the most important thing, you’ll do great!

  • Jessica

    I had a beautiful 8lbs 12 ounce baby girl who was frank breech… she was born via c section which was what I was most comfortable with personally given the circumstances! I’m so happy my sweet girl is here & healthy. A c section wasn’t my ideal birth however it was still glorious bc my little lady arrived safe & sound (my main goal of birth!). I’m looking forward to a vaginal delivery in future!
    Good luck – try not to focus on the process so much as the outcome 🙂 all the best!

    • SnugBug

      Thanks Jessica! I’m still not sure what my decision would be if the baby stays breech, but I would also be hoping for a VBAC with #2 if I ended up with a c-section. -Sarah

  • Emilie JW

    Did you try the moxibustion? When I first heard of it I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard, but, I have had two friends try it as a last resort, and in BOTH cases, they went home, went to bed, and baby turned head down overnight! It’s non invasive so nothing to lose I suppose.

    • SnugBug

      Emilie, that’s what I did last night. I’m not generally an acupuncture kind of gal so I also thought it was kind of weird, but same as you I’ve heard of a couple of people who it really worked for! I will probably try again, and everything else, and I hope it helps! She also gave me some “at home” moxibustion that I’ll get my husband to help me with hopefully tonight. -Sarah

  • Cassandra

    Both my kids were breech. At my 32wk ultrasound with my son, they decided scheduled c-section was the best approach (i’m also a high risk pregnancy due to a uterine defect) He tried to turn a few days later and got stuck sideways – most painful thing ever, he must have pulled the umbilical cord tight because i could feel a tightening in my belly and it was so painful. He flipped back head up a few minutes later and I looked at hubby and then and there we accepted the c-section. My water broke at 34 weeks and he was delivered by emergency c-section. When they pulled him out, he was wrapped in the cord 4 times!!! I’m very thankful he didn’t turn the full way and risk detaching the placenta or worse. My daughter was also breech but if she flipped they would allow me to have a vbac so I tried yoga, headstands and acupuncture (it didn’t turn her but man i felt amazing!) I so badly wanted to experience natural labour (weird i know). One week after my acupuncture appt. (at 36 weeks) I went in to labour on my own, again way before my scheduled c-section date, and had another emergency c-section. Not exactly what I had envisioned but both my kids were born happy and healthy (my son due to his prematurity spent 2 weeks in the NICU but mostly as a precaution) and at the end of it all that was the most important thing to me.

    • SnugBug

      I guess it helps to feel amazing even if the baby doesn’t turn! Although the half flip doesn’t sound good! Can ultrasound technicians see the placement of the cord in ultrasounds? -Sarah

      • Cassandra

        It really does! The acupuncture reduced my stress and eased my sciatic pain. It definitely doesn’t hurt to try and if babe does flip as the result, its all gravy 🙂 To my knowledge they can’t see cord placement. With both my deliveries they did an ultrasound before taking me to surgery just to check to make sure babe was definitely breech (surgery was the last and safest option for me) and they definitely didn’t know he was wrapped up in the cord like a burrito until they removed him. It would have been a very different outcome if he had come naturally. I definitely believe that both babe and body knows whats best, so trust in them and yourself and you’ll do great! Best of luck to you and your family!

  • Leanne

    I was breech with my son and went to a chiropractor in Georgetown known as the baby turner and after 2 appts with her baby turned!! Might want to try that

    • SnugBug

      Thanks Leanne! I’m going to look into chiropractic this week! -Sarah

    • SnugBug

      Leanne, I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but do you have the name of the Chiropractor?

  • Rachel

    One of my good friend’s baby turned at 40 weeks. She went in to get a c-section for her breech baby and they did an ultrasound first to double check the baby’s position and BAM. Head down. So she was pregnant for 2 more weeks and gave birth normally. And my cousin’s baby flip flopped from Breech to Head Down over and over again until she was induced on her due date (just because the baby was head down that day and they figured why not).

    • SnugBug

      Rachel I don’t know if I could handle it flipping vertex and THEN flipping breech again! -Sarah

  • Natalie

    I didn’t have a breech baby, but I did have a late baby and a “failed” induction. I wanted to share this with you because of the comment you made about feeling a broken spirit. When the doctor told me they were stopping the induction and I would have to have a c-section, I, too, felt broken. I cried silent tears of failure (I was failing the baby) and disappointment (the ideal scenario I painted in my head was not going to happen). Later on, a friend told me this: The goal of pregnancy and delivery is not to have a vaginal birth. The goal is to have a healthy and safe baby and mama.
    Some moms get to that goal with a vaginal birth, some get to it with a c-section. Focus on the end goal. Disappointment is natural, but no matter how baby arrives- a c-section or a less than ideal breech birth or the as-planned natural birth, you are still going to have that sweet little baby in your arms and be its mama. The goal of pregnancy is to create a family. You’re going to do that no matter how the baby comes out.

    • SnugBug

      Thank you, Natalie! I keep trying to remember that a healthy baby is the most important thing, and I know that afterwards I will be like “how could I be worried about anything other than the well-being of this little dude/dudette?” -Sarah

  • katrina

    My baby turned at 38.5 weeks. She was complete breach 20 minutes before surgery, and a footling Breach at the time of delivery. I chose to go c section because I was so done being pregnant and at that point turning was extremely dangerous as we didn’t discover this until 39 weeks and there wasn’t a lot of extra room in my belly. O hope baby turns and you get the delivery you want!

  • Natalie

    PS- I should have added that for me, recovery from the c-section was a breeze. I don’t say that to patronize others who have a much more difficult time, I say it to offer encouragement that it’s not a guaranteed bed ridden sentence for the first few weeks of baby’s life. I swear, I felt completely normal on the first day. The only time I was reminded I had had a CS was when I was sitting up from a laying down position and felt a small pulling sensation in my abdomen. Absolutely nothing that using my arms to brace myself didn’t fix.
    I ended up having a c-section for baby number 2 (other medical reasons) and almost felt relief I had to have one because I knew what I was facing and didn’t have to face a brand new experience of a vaginal birth. Recovery from CS 2 was just as easy as the first one for me.
    So don’t fret! There are lots of examples of successful breech turns, successful breech deliveries and successful c sections. You and your midwives will find the right option for you

    • Jen

      I would totally agree with your comments – I was the same way. I also love you last line – so true. Find what’s best for you!!

  • Kristen

    I am currently holding my 3 month old who was Frank breech until 37 weeks (tried the Spinning Babies stuff and had the chiropractic technique done and neither was successful). A that point my midwives sent me for an ECV. I was prepared for it to really suck – and it wasn’t fun, very uncomfortable, but it was successful on the first attempt. I was REALLY sore for a few days after (my belly was sore to the touch) and I was paranoid he would flip back, but I had a successful head down vaginal birth 4 weeks later.
    I hope yours flips too!

    • SnugBug

      I think I did something to your comment by accident. It has a yellow bar beside it and I don’t know what I did! I also hope this little guy or gal flips! I’m ok with some discomfort as long as baby is ok! And yes, I will also probably be paranoid that it will flip back!!! -Sarah

  • Mrs Heff

    My friend has had 3 babies, 2 were breech (frank and footling). Both of her breechlings were born via C-section as they did not move at all. She did end up having a VBAC for her third, she was happy.

    • SnugBug

      Wow, a VBAC after two c-sections! That’s so awesome for her! -Sarah

  • Sarah

    Both my kids were Frank/Footling breech and i had to have them via c-section at 36-37 weeks. I was sad and also felt broken about this..I then realized, i had a very healthy baby and that was all that mattered.

  • Melissa G

    My fourth was breech at my 36 week appt. He had turned just a few days before, and so they booked an ultrasound for a few days later. In the meantime, my husband told the baby to go head down, and the next day in the afternoon he flipped back to head down. (Not exactly comfortable 🙂 ) At ultrasound he was head down, and weighing in at close to 8 lbs. (just over 10 lbs at birth). I’ve also heard that walking around a table three times one way, then three times the other way, then laying down on the floor with your legs on the couch, will allow the baby to turn (think spinning a raw egg).

    • SnugBug

      Haha, Melissa my husband tried the same thing. He usually talks to the top of my belly and I was like “nope, you have to talk to the bottom” so he carefully explained to the baby why we needed it to turn. But the baby has not listened quite like yours did! -Sarah

  • Alexis

    I had a breech baby too. He was head down until 35 weeks and then flipped up – your account of confused midwives trying to decipher “head” or “bum” was a page right out of one of my visits! Anyway, I tried all the random things to turn him – including moxibustion, visiting some strange homeopath, exercises, and an external version – which they were unable to do because there was no “ideal spot” to push the baby because I had umbilical cord in every empty spot. Fast forward to my scheduled c-section where my baby boy was delivered safely…and we learned he had a VERY large head. So YAY for me because it was agreed all around that I never would’ve pushed him out the old fashioned way. Sometimes babies know best! I am currently 38 weeks preggers with baby #2 and on the flip flop every day about whether to go with my VBAC (which is my current preference) or just go with what I know and opt for a repeat c-section. Hope everything works out for you! Really, the most important result is a healthy mom and baby. The method of delivery is totally secondary!

    • SnugBug

      That’s a lot of cord! I was chatting with a friend last night (a labour and delivery nurse) and she also said that if a baby refuses to flip, there is probably a reason for it (in your case perhaps the head size!). How far apart are your two kids going to be? What do the doctors/midwives say about a VBAC? -Sarah

      • Alexis

        My son Max is going to be 3 in October, so a pretty good age span between them. Midwives and OB say that I’m a good candidate for a VBAC and they generally have a 70 % success rate. I guess I’m just worried about another big-headed baby (his darn father’s big boned polish genes – I am quite dainty, so I know it’s not from me! Lol). Worst case scenario at least I get to “go into labour” and can be sure baby is coming when he’s ready (scheduling your child’s birth is a little bit weird. The 10th? The 17th? What will his FOREVER birth date be??). I’d just feel a bit burned if I labored for hours and still ended up wth a section in the end. Sigh.

  • Jen

    I found out my baby was frank breech at 38 week appointment. We talked about trying to turn the baby, but the fact that you have to do it in the hospital because it can but baby in distress, the fact that my doc had never in his years of practice seen a successful turn (or that it stayed flipped), and the thought that it could be breech for a reason (ie. short cord) therefore causing distress when attempting a flip, we opted to scheduled a C-Section and hope for a flip au naturale last minute. My water broke a week before my scheduled C-Section, so I went into the hospital to have my baby 11 days before my due date. Even when getting assessed and ready for my C-Section, staff thought they baby had turned. My baby tricked about 3 doctors and 5 nurses, even up to getting prepped for a C-Section that he had flipped. I don’t want to stress you out and make you think this will happen to you, but I ended up having the C-Section (baby did not turn). During pre-natal classes, I pretty much listened to (or retained) nothing related to C-Sections or emergency procedures, because you know “that won’t happen to me.” My C-Section ended up going well, he was stuck in there pretty good, so they had to lower the table a couple times and it seemed like the doc had to put her leg on the table to get leverage to get him out. But I surprisingly healed quickly and didn’t end up with a lot of discomfort. I was up walking around within a few hours (once the feeling came back); I was out of the hospital and at home within 48 hrs; and was moving around quite well by the time my husband went back to work two weeks later. I sometimes wonder about whether I could have tried to deliver vaginally, since frank breech is the most successful type of breech to deliver that way, but in the end I am just happy my baby has come out safely and is here with me. I wonder about what I would do second time around, but I really think I healed well and with minimal pain because I didn’t have to go through 36 hours of labour before getting the C-section. I honestly think that makes a huge difference because you haven’t drained your body of its energy and adrenaline before surgery.

    I hope you have a successful flip attempt. Good luck. I know it is a scary feeling, I remember feeling scared and doing a ridiculous amount of asking Dr. Google

    • SnugBug

      Jen, thanks for commenting! All these comments are actually super helpful to me, even if every situation is different. I definitely would prefer scheduled vs emergency c-section, that’s for sure! I’m so glad that it went well for you! Our c-section session in prenatal was a short video that didn’t particularly paint it in the most awesome light! -Sarah

  • marta

    my Son just turned 1 month old yesterday and we found out at 37 weeks he was frank breech. I tried acupuncture and didn’t feel anything and my midwives coordinated a meeting for me with an OB in Hamilton to attempt an ECV. The OB examined me and concluded that his bum was so fixed in my pelvic area that an ECV wouldn’t be successful so she didn’t attempt it. However, she examined us somemore and determined we would be excellent candidates for a trail of labour based on his head and body positioning, size and the size of my pelvic bone structure. I had already scheduled a csection for the following week because I was supposed to deliver in oakville and they don’t allow trial of labours there but after speaking with the OB in hamilton she made us feel really comfortable and confident for a trial of labour so we cancelled the csection.
    she did a few stretch and sweep twice to try and get me into labour when she was on rotation at the hospital. Unfortunately I went into labour monday morning at 1am and she wasn’t on rotation and wouldn’t be on until tuesday. The OB who was on also did trail of labours BUT his shift change was at 7:30am and the OB replacing him did not do trial of labours. So I had from the time they broke my water (3am) until 7:30am to dialiate from 4 cm to 8-9 otherwise he would have to go home and I would end up in a csection. when they checked me at 7:30, I was still at 4cm 🙁 so csection it was.

    hoping for a vbac next time BUT my csection and labour experience was amazing so if I end up with another csection I’ll be fine with it.

    • SnugBug

      Oh Marta that all sounds really stressful for you (and your partner, and perhaps the baby!) But I’m glad that you are ok with how it turned out and now you have a beautiful little boy! I just need to keep telling myself that! -Sarah

  • Heather Hill

    Babies can definitely turn on their own after 36 weeks. Did you try moxabustion with the acupuncturist? A bizarre, but apparently very effective TCM trick involving a stick of burning moxa (mugwort) held near your baby toe… Another good option is the Webster Technique, which a chiropractor can do. Both of those have reportedly better results than ECV… Good luck!

    • SnugBug

      Hi Heather! Yes, Moxibustion is what I did with the acupuncturist, and I think I’m going to look into the Chiropractic stuff this week. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! -Sarah

  • Sonya-David Van Daalen

    With my 3rd child, she was also a breeched baby.. They turned her and she kepted flipping back, so on the 3rd time of turning her, they induced me.. We just had our 4th baby in Dec. and he was also a breeched baby, but we found that out, while I was in labor, so they needed to do a C-section… If I was to choose which I would like to do over, it would be the turning of our baby and getting induced!

    • SnugBug

      I can’t believe your third turned THREE TIMES! That’s crazy! Did they do an ECV three times? -Sarah

  • Lindsay

    My baby was in footling breech around 37 weeks, looked like he was ready to jacknife into a pool, but one night around the start of the 39th week I woke up because I felt him flip and voila he was head down and ready to go!

    • SnugBug

      Haha, Lindsay I don’t know what “jacknife into a pool” looks like! -Sarah

  • Brittany

    Hi Sarah,
    I found out my daughter was breech at 36 weeks, she was sitting on her feet. I was also with a midwife and was very conflicted with the news. When I talked to some people and looked into it I was left to believe that the ECV could be quite painful, which I feared could hurt the baby and there was a very good chance that even if it was successful the baby could still flip back. I decided to schedule a C-section just in case but made it clear to the OB that if the baby flipped before that date I would prefer to go vaginally.
    The more I spoke with the OB I became much more comfortable with the idea of the scheduled C-section and, being a planner, it was kind of nice knowing exactly when my daughter was going to arrive. I also got to a point where I accepted that I was most likely going to have a C-section and it was more important to me to have my baby in my arms, the way she got there didn’t matter as much. As it turned out my daughter was a stubborn one and didn’t flip on her own so I ended up having my scheduled C-section at 39 weeks.
    To be honest it was a really great experience, there was no panicking, I was very relaxed and calm, as was my husband. We got a good night sleep the night before, and I was able to have a shower in the morning before heading to the hospital to check in. My recovery was great, much better than I thought it was going to be which I think had a lot to do with the fact that my body wasn’t exhausted like many of the women who go through hours of labour and then need an emergency C-section. I would go scheduled c-section again in a heartbeat!
    In the end, there are no wrong decisions but I wish you the best in whatever you decide! Congratulations!

  • Marianne

    I know quite a few who have had ECV’s done (successfully), and 1 person who has done a breech vaginal delivery (and 2-3 who have chosen c-sections). Best of luck on your decision 🙂 My last LO was breech at 34-35 weeks and turned one evening.

    • SnugBug

      Hi Marianne! Thanks for commenting! These comments are precisely why I wrote this post. It’s reassuring to me that people have been through all three things and everything turned out fine 🙂

  • Sarah

    Hi Sarah! I’ve enjoyed following your blog, I’m a week behind you so when you say you gained weight like a baby elephant, I said ‘amen!’ 🙂 as for delivering a breech baby, I delivered my twins vaginally and the second went a little silly after the first came out and ended up being literally pulled out by the dr in the frank breech position! Thankfully, he was only 5.6lbs and a heavy dose of epidural was given just prior! My Oma on the other hand delivered my dad 60yrs ago in the frank breech position with no pain medication!!! And she still had 2 more after that! Kudos to her, but I’m very thankful for technology today and I really hope your baby will turn soon! My #4 turned late, #5 today seems to be head down..maybe I should get that double checked ! All the best!!

    • SnugBug

      Thanks Sarah! I was also instructed that my Grandma delivered my uncle feet first back in the 50s. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in that position, that’s for sure! Super crazy about your twins! Just a little dude though, like you said, thankfully! -Sarah

  • Kristen

    Hey Kiddo
    You are doing a great job and hanging in there. Keep calm and carry on.. the babe and you will both work your magic together. I had to laugh at GOOD DAY as it will always remind me of Sir..soon to be Sir Daddy xo

    • SnugBug

      Thanks Kristen 🙂

  • Nik

    We figured out my daughter was breech at 40 weeks and we’re pretty sure she wasn’t the week before but didn’t feel any crazy movements to know when she turned. I was bummed bc I was trying to deliver vaginally bc I had already had a previous c section with my son and didn’t want to do it again. However it worked out bc a scheduled c section was WAY better than the emergency one I had previously and then we knew she would be delivered safely for both of us!

  • Katie

    I too had the same situation as you! I was on holidays with my legs and body as high against the wall as I could get them. I even did flips under the water in the lake lol. I was desperate! Unfortunately it didn’t work so I tried an ECV which was also unsuccessful – all he did was slightly shift to the side then slide back into position with his butt all cozy in my pelvis. There wasn’t any vibes of the obs feeling comfortable to deliver a baby that way at the hospital I went to so I ended up having a csection. I was terrified but it was a really surprising good experience – and in the end me and the baby were safe. Wishing you all the best no matter what you decide!

  • Liz

    I was hooked up to IV ready to go for my scheduled C-section since she was breeched, when they did a last minute ultrasound to document the reason for the c-section and saw that SHE HAD TURNED!!! So they removed my IV and I went home!! She came naturally just over a week later via a vaginal delivery. I can’t say I know when she turned. Maybe it happened when I was asleep? Who knows. Just try and go with the flow because a lot of what happens is really out of our control. Good luck!

  • Stacey

    My son was also frank breech. We thought he had flipped (I did everything on spinning babies!), at one day before 38 weeks. My water broke that night and we had an ultrasound to check fluid levels since I had not gone into labour. We discovered he was breech then. Also, full blown labour started on the ultrsound table! We ended up doing a c section, after a few hours of very quickly progressing labour. Recovery was ok, but I was not prepared for it. If I had known I would have scheduled a section. My only fear was full labour, with no drugs cause we were just waiting for an OR, then surgery, which happened. But in the end we got to hold our perfect son, and the memory fades… Good luck!


  • Angela

    I was breech at 32 weeks with my last, and I used the exercises on spinningbabies.com – they took a while to work, but baby was finally turned and head down at 37 weeks and I delivered naturally on my due date!

  • Liza

    I would definitely recommend a chiropractor for Webster technique. My daughter was footling breech but we didn’t realize until I went into labour so I had a c-section. My son was breech as well and I went to a chiropractor and he turned within 4 treatments. I ended up with another c-section anyways as my OB wouldn’t let me go past my due date. Whatever the outcome it is all worth it!! Good luck!!

  • Ashleigh

    I was devastated when they discovered that my first daughter was breech. I had no options so I had a C-section. All was well, everyone healthy and in hindsight I am glad that I didn’t take any chances! I have since had two more children, both of which I delivered naturally so don’t be too bummed things don’t go exactly as you planned. In the end, you will be holding your beautiful baby and nothing else will matter!

  • Sarah Harvey

    My son was breech from 32 weeks. We did an ECV, spinning babies, I took pulsatilla, saw a chiro, tried the ice, music ect. and was scheduled to start moxibustion. All the while I was planning a breech delivery if he didn’t spin. (I had doctors who were cool with that). However they won’t delivery breech at my hospital if the baby is over 4kg. He was 4kg exactly at 37w5d and still breech. We didn’t schedule a csection at that point in case he turned on his own. I went into labour naturally at 38w5d (water broke). Got into the hospital at 10:40pm, Ultrasound said he was over 4kg and still breech so we had to do a c-section, made the decision with the on call OB around 11:45pm, (took her a while to get in), they called in the surgical team (took them a while to get in) got me preped, wheeled me down to the OR, got the spinal and Little man was born at 2:36am. That whole time I was still labouring and made it to 1 and 1 and 8cm. I was super anti-csection the whole time, but it ended up not being so bad. I hope baby turns for you, but no matter what, you’ll have a beautiful baby at the end of it. 🙂