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Behind the Bump: 28 Weeks

May 20, 2014

28WeeksHello Third Trimester! I rang it in with a bang, meaning my sinuses kept me up for nearly two hours on the first night of my 28th week. I tried the Neti Pot (TWICE!) and Otrivin together and nothing was working. I actually pulled up the thread from that Facebook post at 4am after being awake for an hour and read through the suggestions again. Then I got up and found our Vicks (which had never been opened and ALSO apparently expired before we were married. How did we move that with us across the country?!) and smothered it on my neck and feet, threw some socks on, re-adjusted my pillow prop and finally managed to fall asleep. Le sigh. I wish Hydrasense wouldn’t send me into the poor house! But I will buy some more on my way home because I can’t have another night like last night!

I did my Gestational Diabetes test this week, which for those of you who haven’t been there and done that, involves drinking a sugary solution (it’s not so bad) and then waiting an hour and having a blood test. Thrilling times. Since my previous pregnancy blood tests (here and here) have gone so well, I was really not looking forward to this. But I knew they would only have to take one little vial of blood instead of like, nine. It went well – I got an hour of reading done in the waiting room, so there’s that. I guess I get the results next week at my midwife appointment.

I’ve been feeling actually really good the last two weeks – I know in my blog posts I’m usually all “HELP ME WITH THIS BAD THING HAPPENING TO ME!” because “things are great, bye!” does not a blog post make.

Until next week,



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