2017 Behind the Bump Pregnancy Second Trimester

Behind the 2nd Bump: The Second Trimester

April 26, 2017


Oh, glorious second trimester, how I love you. This is the best time of pregnancy (other than when you meet the baby of course). You start to show (and look super cute), you tell everyone about your pregnancy and you have more energy and motivation than in recent memory. It’s also the fastest-passing period of the pregnancy.

My second trimester for me started right before Christmas, and we went on a decently long road trip down to Nashville and Louisville (from Ontario) to visit family and friends. I was adamant that we needed to break the drive into two days (could be done in one) because pregnancy, yo. Also, we were traveling with a toddler and had no idea how it would go. Anyway, I’m glad I had a bit more energy for that trip!

Until week 17, I was still working full time, although at a relatively non-demanding job, and have been home with my toddler ever since. I started feeling the baby move earlier this time, probably about 16 weeks (vs 19 weeks during pregnancy round one).

18 weeks
Haven’t really gained a ton, not particularly troublesome but I started this pregnancy ten lbs lighter (not really a good thing in my case) than my previous pregnancy so I’m kind of hoping for more weight gain this time around. I’d like to end up the same (or close) net weight as with my first. Can you say net weight when referring to humans? My son has to have very minor day surgery (on his ears) halfway through this week that my husband was going to be the go-to parent on and then my husband got the flu at the last minute. In my pregnancy app I’ve marked these days as “crying: severe.” Nothing quite like springing it on a pregnant woman that she has to take her precious toddler in for surgery alone.21

19 – 20 weeks
Feeling a bit of anxiety, over everything. We flew home to Calgary these weeks and then drove four hours and attended a wedding. It was extremely snowy but all around pretty good. I didn’t faint at my father in law’s office this time, and any time that doesn’t happen, I call it a win.

20 – 23 weeks
Feeling my first (of both pregnancies) sustained bout of rage, directed always at the nearest human. It passes in about 10 days, but is coupled with a post-vacation, post-grandparent, slight time-change toddler hangover that really compounds the matter. I’m really starting to feel more sore than the first pregnancy which I’m aware is because my muscles have already done this and I also didn’t work too hard in the last two years to get them back in shape (read: not at all). 20 week ultrasound showed everything in order. I’m still more tired than my first pregnancy, a LOT more tired, and I nap when my toddler naps regardless of what needs to be done around the house. Also the weight gain has picked up substantially – 9 lbs in 5 weeks, much better than the measly 1lb I gained from 13-17 weeks.

23-28 weeks
I don’t want to wish this pregnancy away as it may very well be my last but I’m getting sore and tired (so much talk about being tired!). My sinuses have gotten soooo bad and I’m trying to do everything possible to help them! I have re-created the pillow fort I used to sleep on and that has really started to help but then it hurts my back, hahahaha! There is no winning sometimes! I’m finally making progress on the guest room and on Harrison’s new room which means soon I will be making progress on the baby’s room. The only thing that is changing in there is the wall decor, but with being tired, chasing a toddler, trying to move the guest room, sell everything from the old guest room and the office and set up a toddler room from scratch its somehow made it’s way to the bottom of the list.


Overall, in one word I would describe this pregnancy as “tired,” if you hadn’t ascertained that just yet. I’m trying to do a push (ha!) to get all things on the list done before I’m too far into my third trimester because I’m already familiar with the increasing fatigue and would hate to lose momentum before doing crucial things like packing my hospital bag!

– Sarah


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