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Behind the 2nd Bump: The First Trimester

February 24, 2017

Blog_Behind_bump_2Hello, it’s me, Sarah! I am so thrilled to be back on the blog and sharing updates of another pregnancy with you, not just because hey I’m pregnant again and that means new life, but because I like these updates! If you’re just joining us on the blog or have joined the parenting world in the last two years, you’ll have missed my previous series, “Behind the Bump,” which chronicled the weekly journey of my pregnancy with my son, Harrison. If you have a few minutes and you haven’t checked it out, I encourage you to do so. Consider yourself warned though: it’s a bit of a rabbit hole and it’s easy to start reading at The First Trimester and suddenly find yourself at 38 weeks and wondering why it’s getting dark outside and if you’ve fed your kids today. You can enjoy stories about how we found out about our surprise baby, when I fainted in my father in law’s office, and the panic that ensued when I learned he was in the Frank Breech position.

You can find the first Behind the Bump series here.

Now that we have that out of the way, HI! I’m pregnant again! This little rugrat is due out to the world at the summer solstice which obviously invoked a joke about how it’s going to be a long day (for me) from my husband. Pregnant women love jokes like that. Let’s take a trip back in time to my first trimester, which I chronicled a bit in my own digital diary and will share with you below!

Week 4
13 days post ovulation (day 26 of cycle). Well there it is, the faintest FAINTEST positive I’ve ever seen (I mean, how many have I seen, really?), but it’s definitely a positive. Here’s a picture of a thing I peed on that you never knew you needed –

Pregnancy Faint Positive

That’s also bath water surrounding the test, just in case you were particularly horrified. We have a wedding today so I’m glad I know this but now it’s all I can think about. I test again in a few days (2 weeks + 1 day, day 29) and it’s slightly darker. Definitely pregnant. I become more conscious of my prenatal vitamins and obviously continue to rule out the wine and other like beverages but other than that it’s business as usual. I call my midwife  to schedule an 8 week appointment.

Week 5
Waiting. The first trimester, man. The longest 12 weeks ever, I swear.

Week 6
Riddle me this.

8pm: Drink 500mL glass of water
10pm: Pee out glass of water and go to bed
4am: Pee out seven glasses of water that I have no clue when I may have drank. Don’t drink any more, go back to sleep
6:45am: Pee out two more glasses of water that I’ve produced whilst asleep. I know it’s the kidneys and all but really. I MEAN REALLY.

We still don’t have batteries in the scale so have no clue where I’m starting from here.

Week 7
So tired, omg so tired. I’m approximately 60x more tired than I was in the first trimester of my first pregnancy. Back then I went on a vacation to NYC which obviously involves a ton of walking and I didn’t die. Now I can barely walk upstairs to my bed. You can see below that I was exploring a submarine in Connecticut last time and this time, well, trying to sleep.

Side by Side

This week I did have to go home from work, using my overtime hours, and sleep for 2 hours before resuming my evening and then going to bed at the regular time and sleeping all night. Not feeling great but just continuing to eat and drink protein drinks to get the calories. Lots of gagging but I’m still functional for the most part (define “functional”….).  I find if I let myself get actually hungry then it’s pretty much game over for the remainder of the day. Luckily it’s Halloween so I have tons of small bags of snackable foods nearby. Not the healthiest options (actually the least healthiest), but certainly saving me from doom and/or gloom. I’m feeling more nervous and anxious about this pregnancy than previously, I’m not sure why.

Week 8
Oh hey, maternity clothing. I forgot how limited my selection was. And have the styles really changed so much in three years? Half this stuff is completely hideous! First midwife appointment and ultrasound this week (because I told her I was a bit anxious), they moved the due date back two days so I thought I was exactly 9 weeks and it turns out I’m still 8 weeks 5 days. Heartbeat looks good, and everything else looks good from what they can see, phew! I’m so glad I won’t have to drink the water again before another ultrasound because I drank half of what they suggested and it was ALMOST A DISASTER!


Week 9
Because I thought 8+5 was actually 9, and then it was moved back, THIS HAS BEEN THE LONGEST WEEK EVER! We told my in-laws about the baby. They didn’t really get it when they saw the shirt on my toddler but it eventually clicked.

Week 11
Phew. Why is this first trimester taking FOREVER?! I’m only 32 (but turning 33 right away here) but think I might die of old age before this trimester is over, let alone the baby is born! I’m so definitely showing (particularly near the end of the day) but trying to keep it under wraps for a while so that makes getting dressed a bit stressful each morning – a struggle I remember acutely from my first pregnancy. I’m just rotating the same four tops and two pairs of pants. I’m starting to feel the first trimester fog lifting a bit and actually took some time to plan lunches for the week. THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA! Making sure I’m always fed is the best strategy.

Trimester 2, here we go! If you have any good stories from your first trimester, please post them in the comments below! If you were around for the first Behind the Bump, please let me know!

– Sarah


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