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Behind the 2nd Bump: Rhett’s Birth Story

July 26, 2017


The baby “Behind the 2nd Bump” is here!  This will be my last post in this series, I hope you’ve enjoyed following my pregnancy journey. Here’s a little insight into his birth…

In the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy, my breech baby turned head down on the second ECV attempt in the hospital. I went from a booked c-section back to plan A when baby turned at 38 weeks (June 7).

On June 20, I was woken up at about 3:30 in the morning with some pain in my hips. Labour started the exact same way with my first son so I has a suspicion that this was “it”! For about an hour I just laid in bed, dozing, and looking at the clock every time I felt the tightness in my hips, which turned out to be about every 10 minutes. I opened the pregnancy app on my phone and was starting to time an actual contraction when I felt a small tap and rush of fluid and knew, UNMISTAKABLY, that my water had just broken. I woke my husband up, apparently by “smacking him,” and called my midwife who said if active labour did not pick up, to meet her in the clinic at 9 AM. At this point it was probably 5:15 in the morning and, very shortly after I got off the phone with her, my contractions picked up – big time. I started to time them and they were coming about every three minutes which was very soon into labour for it to have progressed so far.  I called my midwife back, asked my husband to get everything into the car (thank God it was all packed) and we left for the hospital. My mom was staying with so she just stayed with our two year old, Harrison.

We got to the hospital about 6:00 am and my midwife wasn’t there yet. If you are under midwifery care but your midwife isn’t at the hospital then they just put you in an assessment room to wait. I thought I was probably still leaking a little bit of fluid so I went to the washroom which is the next room over. While I was in there, my contractions were coming so close together that I couldn’t really get OUT of the bathroom. I was in there probably 10 minutes and my husband came and asked if everything was okay. He describes that as his way of saying “is there something I should be doing right now?” I mean, no everything is not okay, but, yes I guess it is okay because everything that is supposed to happen is happening. What I find funny, now knowing how close I was, is that I made sure three times that I locked the bathroom door, never once thinking I could potentially give birth in this bathroom and this door would be locked. After struggling to wash my hands (struggling because I now know I was basically in transition at this point), I finally managed to get out of the bathroom. At this point it was about 6:20 am (1.5 hours since my water broke) and my midwife had just arrived. I was asking her for some pain relief and she said she needed to check first and see how far along I was. I managed to get on the table and she checked and said I was FULLY DILATED and there would be no pain relief for me. I was scared, I will admit it, but I also didn’t know how close I was. Me: “Can I have an epidural?” Her, bewildered: “No, you’re going to HAVE A BABY.”

So she goes to the desk and gets a delivery room for me and comes back and tells me there’s a room and that we can go to it. I looked at her like she had three heads, as all my manners have flown the coup by this point.  You want me to WALK to a delivery room? NOPE. If I had done that the baby certainly would have been born at the front desk and we would have had to name it Concierge or something. She gets a wheelchair for me, which I basically throw myself into off the bed, (as my husband’s like “IT’S NOT READY YET!” about the chair and I’m still launching myself off the bed, assuming either a chair or a person will catch me before I hit the floor) and takes me the ten seconds to the room. As I was going from the chair to the next bed I could feel the baby’s head coming. About five minutes later, at 6:35 am (after apparently 4 pushes but I wasn’t counting), the baby was born – a healthy, not so little boy (8lbs 13oz) who we named Rhett William. I had gone from nothing (laying in my bed at home) to a large baby on my chest in under two hours, enduring only about 30 contractions total. I couldn’t believe it – after a 26 hour-plus-forceps journey with Harrison, in the blink of an eye our precious second baby was here. I was still in my regular clothes, as was my midwife as she had only been at the hospital about 10-15 minutes. I did change into a hospital gown after about an hour when they weighed the baby and such.

Rhetts First Pictures

I was completely overwhelmed by the speediness of it all. I wish I was given a list at the beginning of labour with the number of contractions on it and then I could just cross them off as they happened 😉 One of the best parts for me was that we were home nine hours later to welcome Harrison home from daycare and order Boston Pizza takeout for dinner.

If we were planning three kids I might be inclined to shoot for a home birth. I’m not sure how much shorter the timeline could get before I’d find myself birthing in the passenger seat of our Pontiac Vibe.

– Sarah


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