2016 Feeding Seasonal

Back to School – Snacks and Lunches

September 2, 2016

Well…it is that time of the year already!

BACK TO SCHOOL and with that comes trying to pack healthy (and interesting) snacks and lunches.

I have now gotten a full year under my belt as not only did I pack lunches for the previous school year but I had a full summer of summer camps to pack for as well.

IMG_4534My daughter’s school, like many schools now,  promotes “Garbage Free” lunches. So food has to be taken out of wrappers and packages and any uneaten food comes home. While it’s not always the easiest or most convenient to keep everything garbage free, it’s nice to see that the school is being environmentally conscience, not to mention I get to see what she doesn’t eat during the day.

With my soon to be 5-year-old daughter heading into SK this September, she does “help” pack her lunches even if it is only packing baby carrots into a small Colibri reusable snack bag. Although, trust me when I say she is not shy in giving her opinion on what she would like Mommy to prep and pack!

The Colibri reusable snack bags are a must-have and they are SUPER EASY to clean. Our personal favourite is the “Colour Your Own” bag – it helped to make getting ready for school that much more fun. I wish I knew about this when my daughter was starting daycare – it would have been great to see her toddler version too!

IMG_4536Alongside the Colibri reusable bags we also love using Skip Hop’s Zoo Lunch kit alongside bento boxes to pack our lunches in. She loves the cute butterfly pattern, and is able to open and close the containers without issue. Did I mention it doesn’t leak? Thank goodness for rubber seal locks, am I right?


My daughter loves finding special notes from Mommy and Daddy in her lunch box. Her Drink in a Box comes with a reusable label – Scribble On The Box– so we can surprise her everyday with a new note! This is also a great option for staying environmentally conscience and provides her with healthier beverages options for lunch. A household favourite – adding fresh fruit to her water!

We also send her with a Klean Kanteen Insulated Steel Bottle especially during the warmer months as it keeps her water cold all day.

IMG_4538Going back to school is an exciting time for both kids and parents but can also be stressful for first time parents, trust me I know!

Even though sometimes I find it quicker to prep lunches by myself, letting my daughter help in the lunch making/packing decisions, has been a  a great way to teach her about healthy eating as well as getting her excited about what she is eating.

There are lots of books and online resources to give you inspiration.

My favourites include:

Best wishes to all the kids and their families for a healthy and happy school year and keeping those lunches fun and interesting!



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