2017 Babywearing Contests

Babywearing Series – Part 1: Soft Structured Carriers

October 2, 2017


In celebration of International Babywearing Week we have created a series of emails and blog posts to educate and inform you on the various carrying options available, safety tips, and tutorials for using them.

Part One of our Babywearing Series will be focused on soft structured carriers.

With the booming popularity of baby wearing, and soft structured carriers, often referred to as a ‘buckle carrier’, we thought it would be helpful to give you a little breakdown on how they work, and what to look for in the search to find one that best suits you and your needs. A ‘soft structured carrier’ (SSC), is a baby carrier which carries baby in an ergonomically/physiologically correct position for the baby, and the person wearing the baby as well. Most SSC carriers on the market offer the option to wear baby on the front (facing in and/or out), on the back and sometimes on the hip. Many people, especially dads, love the simplicity of a SSC as opposed to the learning curve that comes with a wrap or ring sling. The lure of a simple ‘load, click and go’, with very little to fuss with, is very attractive and easy for almost anyone to learn and love.

Some of our favourite things about babywearing:

  • Hands free! Include baby in your daily activities, while having your hands free to perform other tasks.
  • Bonding. There’s no better feeling than having baby close for both them and you.
  • Crowded areas. Have you been to a summer festival or amusement park and tried to push a stroller through it? Not always very fun, especially if your child is feeling anxious or unsure of the surroundings. Being able to comfortably maneuver through crowded situations with your child kept close and secure is priceless and much better on the stress levels.
  • Nursing and feeding on the go. It is possible! It takes a little bit of practice, but once you get the hang of nursing in an SSC, it’s a complete game changer.
  • Include Dad too! SSC are very easy to wear that even Dad will want to get in on it!

Tips to keep in mind for safe and proper babywearing:  


Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to narrow down your choices on brands and styles:

  1. Who will be wearing the baby? Take into consideration the size of those wearing it and the adjustability of the carriers you are looking at.
  2. How long will you use the carrier? Are you planning on only using it during the newborn/small baby stage, or is this something you would like to last all the way into 2+ years old? Take a look at the weight limits of the carrier, how high the panel comes up or adjusts as your child gets taller and the width of the seat of the carrier. A narrower seat and lower panel may fit an older child, but it may not always be as comfortable long term.
  3. What kind of carrying options do you want? Are you wanting to face inwards AND outwards? Would you like to eventually be able to do a back carry? Do you like the idea of having a hip carry as an option? Keep in mind that it is NOT recommended to have your baby facing outwards in a carrier until they have full head control, typically 4-6 months, depending on the baby.
  4. What kind of accessories would you like with your carrier? Do you like the idea of a hood to support baby’s head while sleeping, or to use for privacy while nursing in your carrier? Would you like to add drool pads to the straps for when your baby is older and sucking on the fabric? There are also weather shields/covers and bags that attach to store keys/wallet etc.
  5. What is your budget for purchasing a new carrier? Think about how much you are going to use it, and how much money you are comfortable investing in a product.

Sizing and fit varies greatly between each carrier so trying a few on really does help in deciding which one is right for you. Head into your closest Snuggle Bugz store and try the carriers on for yourself. We have a large variety of ‘demo models’ of popular carriers, and our associates are always happy to help show you how to use them and try them out. Make sure though to call the store ahead of time if you have a specific one you are interested in to see if we have that one available to try.

Happy Babywearing!


Leave a comment in this blog post that answers the question “What do/will you love about babywearing?” and log in to the Rafflecopter contest below. Click “I commented” for your chance to WIN a Baby Bjorn Air One Carrier in Ice Blue (valued at $299.99) for yourself. Contest ends Sunday, October 8th at 11:59PM EST. Full contest rules can be found here.

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  • Amy

    What I love about babywearing is that I free up my hands to be able to carry groceries and bags. It also keeps my baby and I close and warm.

  • Sherry Van Der Heyden

    My first baby always wanted to be close to me, especially for sleeping. I loved being able to get a few things done while still fulfilling his need. Planning on lots of baby wearing for #2, due soon!

  • Nikki

    Wyatt I love about Babywearing is the freedom it gives me to do other things with my kids, the ability to get things done, and how to keeps baby involved in the family fun.

  • Jessica Anderson

    My first son loved to be in a SSC. He refused to be anywhere else during the day! Just tried a SSC with my second son and he loved it too!

  • Kristin Speth

    I love baby wearing partially to be hands free but mainly to still be close and snuggling with my little one.

  • Yoko

    I love baby wearing for the convenience, whether it is to go for a walk with my baby or a quick dash to the grocery store without having to take out the stroller.

  • Nancy Theriault

    This is my 3rd pregnancy but I’ve never done baby wearing with my 1st two. So spending extra cuddle time with this baby will be key because my hands will be full 🙂

  • Leah Van Dyk

    My baby is due in January. I look forward to wearing my baby so I can be close to him/her and have as much snuggle time as I can.

  • Matylda

    Being able to spend time with all the little ones at the same time!

  • Tina Hill

    Love being hands free, but really love being close and cozy.

  • Stephanie

    I love that it frees my hands up to tend to my toddler if she needs me

  • meghan

    Love being hands free

  • Beth

    We go hiking we our baby when he is in a carrier!

  • Jamie

    I love the idea of having my baby so close to me while being hands free and being able to do things like walk my dog or tidy up my home.

  • Kate

    Would love to be hands free around the home and during outings, especially in tight stores. Dad would also love to wear babe around rather than packing the stroller!

  • Jacqueline Man

    I love the fact I could be hands free around home and outside and of course bonding with the baby.

  • Grace Millar

    I can’t wait to carry my baby when it comes in the next month…to be connected with baby, but also be able to move around 🙂

  • M Pun

    The baby can keep me warm and hear my heart beat.

  • Shannon Côté

    I love being able to get stuff done knowing that baby is safe and comfortable with me.

  • chuwy

    Great tips!

  • Shannon MacWilliams

    I’m very excited to wear my baby when she comes next year. I’m looking forward to the closeness of having her near. 🙂

  • Kimberly Coghlan-Greco

    I love how quickly wearing baby soothes him & how adorably excited he gets when he sees me getting his carrier ready!

  • Jocelyn Paprocki

    With a toddler at home too, I have to wear my newborn to keep him close and safe (from my toddler). I can free up my hands to make food, clean, etc.

  • Pau

    As a dad of a 8 week old, I would love babywearing, as I can do some chores at home, while being close to baby and get that valuable bonding time.

  • Nikki Lambertus

    I Love that baby wearing lets me keep my little man so close and also that baby wearing allows me to be hands free!

  • Amy Rose

    Love the convenience of a baby carrier when attending activities with older siblings

  • Nicole Thornhill

    I’d love being able to have him so close and cozy, as well as being able to have my hands free. It would be nice to give my arms a rest at times, as much as I adore holding him.

  • Chelsea Rajkovic

    Love love love the extra baby snuggles while manoeuvring about! ???

  • Michele Parker

    I look forward to being hands free to get things around the house done and keep baby happy! And hikes next summer!

  • Rita howard

    I’ll love that dad’s can wear this too!

  • Sam Cronin

    I love that I can cook dinner while keeping the babe happy while baby wearing. She gets an up close view of what we’re making, too.

  • Sandrine Camera

    Love carrying my baby and the feeling of being close to each other <3

  • Caitlin

    I love how it just makes life easier, it’s easier to grocery shop, maneuver in stores or in busy areas, clean etc. and I love how baby is close to me at all times

  • Gloria and Brendon

    For me, not only for the convenient where we can walk around freely and not have to worry about negotiating steps, crowds or narrow aisles with a stroller. challenging for me to find time to exercise, but if I carry my baby around with me most of the day or go for a brisk walk with my baby in her sling, I will enjoy the dual benefits of walking and “weightlifting”.

    For my husband, who works long hours, having a carrier allows him to bond with our baby and learn to meet his child’s needs more quickly, while still being able to give our baby the closeness she needs.

  • Caitlin

    I love that I’m able to take my toddler to the park while the baby naps in the carrier! We’re able to go out and about any time of day and the baby will always get a good nap while in the carrier

  • Ashley Cooper

    I like the idea of closeness. The bonding, the simplicity, the hands free. And especially how it tends to keep babies calmer being so close to mom. Plus, less nosy strangers with germy hands trying to touch the baby.

  • Maggie

    I love how much my baby loves to be worn. I’m happy when she’s happy!

  • Lilly

    I love the close feeling I have with my son. I think it is a great bonding experience and it allows him to see the world from a different perspective. I already have a carrier but would love to win one for my sister in law who is expecting a baby in the new year.

  • Charlene Tee

    I love the combination of convienence and closeness. Having a newborn due in a few months with a toddler I know a carrier will be key to survival and to give me both hands to chase a toddler.

  • Nic

    I love having my hands free, yet having baby close to me.

  • lisa bolduc

    I love being able to have my hands free so I can chase after my toddler plus I love keeping baby super close so I can smother her in kisses

  • tara oleary

    I love being able to be close to my baby and also be hands free and our dog as well! My daughter also loves to be carried and if she is crying a little, I put her in the carrier and it always soothes her!

  • Michelle W.

    I’m entering to win for my cousin who is due soon! I think she would really like baby wearing and appreciate the gift!

  • Jonnie

    I love that it’s so convenient and keeps everyone happy.

  • toni v

    the closeness and having my hands free!

  • Tainan Lu

    I like the idea of closeness.

  • Hilary Lucyk-Chen

    I love that my daughter is so close and she loves being able to see things that we see; facing forward! She loves being worn way more than the stroller 🙂

  • leafsbabe28

    I love that it gives me the option to go out without worrying about everyone touching the baby, especially in the early days and cold and flu season.

  • Paola Alex

    First, the hands free part (of course). Second, I love the extended skin to skin and how he falls asleep on my chest. And best of all, the unlimited kisses I get to give him! 🙂

  • Sabrina Bridgeman

    My babes favorite spot ! She’s so calm and loves checking out the world from the carrier ! I can do almost anything with her in it

  • julie_bolduc

    I Like that you can have your baby close to you

  • kristen visser

    unfortunately I never tried babywearing with my two daughters. I missed out on the bonding experience. My husband and I are trying for a third child and this time I would LOVE to have a carrier so I can experience every moment of baby wearing. Love the fact you can hold baby close while having your hands free

  • Andrea Argyrides-Li

    i can’t wait to be able to take my baby hiking with me using a carrier!

  • aly3360

    I love that I can keep my tiny human close and safe.

    – amber y

  • 12carebear

    The freedom to do other things but also keeping the baby close so they can feel love all the time.

  • J Holmes

    I love wearing my carrier with my 3 month old because I am completely hands free and can complete housework during the day! Washing dishes are now a breeze while holding her close to my heart!

  • Marisa Sherri

    I love that we can bond and feel that closeness while having the freedom to do other things.

  • Sarah

    I didn’t do much babywearing with my first. I’m hoping with my second I can gain more bond and be handsfree to play with my toddler too.