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Love Little Leg Warmers for Little Legs

January 14, 2013

I love leg warmers. Super cute, comfy & cozy! They are perfect for everyone in your family including your littlest one. Mister Myles has a pair of Baby Legs and we are both in love. He loves them because they give his knees a little cushion โ€“ he is a crawling machine and our hardwood floors donโ€™t take it easy on his poor little knees. I love them because they are super cute and super handy. They are perfect for days at home when he is hanging out in a onesie and they make diaper changing a breeze. No pants to take off and they keep him nice and toasty!

Baby Legs have been around since 2005 when a momma needed to keep taking pants off her daughter to clear up a stubborn diaper rash. She snipped off the bottom of a pair of socks, slipped them on her daughterโ€™s legs and voila! Cute little leg warmers! Baby Legs was born and a lot of moms have been loving them ever since!

Seriously - those are some cute baby legs ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are a couple other great reasons why you will love Baby Legs:

  • Perfect if you have a โ€˜poonomiโ€™ (aka: poop explosion) when out and about. Slip them in your diaper bag and they donโ€™t fill up your entire bag.
  • If you like to wear your baby I am sure you will love these. They keep your little one’s legs warm without the bulky clothing.
  • If you are busy potty training during the winter months these may be the perfect solution!
  • Protects little knees from rug burn on the carpet plus softens ceramics/hardwood
  • They come in a ton of cute prints for boys and girls!

Do you have a pair of Baby Legs for your little one? If you do are there any more reasons why they are on your must-have list?


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