2013 Life With Baby Product Reviews

Peeking in on Baby

February 8, 2013

Okay letโ€™s play a little game, I will ask three questions and if you guess the correct product I will give you a virtual high-five! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. What is on every new parentโ€™s must-have list?
  2. This product is at least $50
  3. You usually will groan when you hear noises from this product, especially at 3 a.m.

Youโ€™ve guessed it – we are going to talk baby monitors. I found this to be an after-thought item when we were expecting and getting ready for baby. We were distracted by stroller options, fancy diaper bags & prepping the nursery. But I do have to admit that a good baby monitor is a worthwhile investment. Adam (hubby) and I do a decent amount of vacationing so we wanted a monitor with a long range that way we could relax out by the fire, knowing we would hear even the slightest movement indoors. Also, we live in the city and I have heard one too many stories of listening to other peopleโ€™s phone conversations that were picked up by the monitor. Sorta creepy ;).

Like anything in the baby industry, monitors have come a looong way. Did you know that you can now check in on your baby via a live video on your smartphone while out on a date? Yes! Totally possible. I am still debating if this would be helpful or whether it wouldn’t allow me to turn my mom-mode off for an hour or two when out for a fancy dinner date.

I decided to opt out on the video monitor and went with the Avent DECT (private connection) you can see it here. I really love this monitor and the selling feature for me was the DECT technology. This reassures me that I will not be picking up any static or listening to someone elseโ€™s baby cry – plus it is crystal clear (sometimes too clear) ;). Overall, great value for your dollar and I would highly recommend it to any other momma friends. Yup, thatโ€™s you! ๐Ÿ™‚

That being said I do find times that I wish I purchased a video monitor. You know those moments when you just want to peek but run the risk of throwing nap-time out the window? Well, one of my closest girlfriends was about to start sleep-training her daughter and I suggested she try the video monitor to help her keep calm when her daughter was crying it out. We all have been there and know difficult it can be debating to get your babe or let them cry for 1 more minute. She gave the Peek Plus by Summer a whirl. In a nutshell, the monitor helped make the transition from bassinet (next to their bed) to the crib much easier. They could peek on her as often as they needed without running the risk of waking their sleeping beauty. This monitor has the ability to view via your smartphone, computer or tablet – her husband could check in on his daughter from work or they could sneak a peek while on a date.ย  Another perk was how clear the picture quality is – there’s no guessing if that is your baby or your cat in the crib.

Some things to think about before taking the video monitor plunge is that the price tag is typically higher, especially one with extra features like the peek plus. Also, the battery life seemed to be shorter so you will be recharging a bit more often and since this guy doesnโ€™t come with DECT technology the reception wasnโ€™t as clear. That being said a lot of video monitors will not have DECT technology so you will have decide what works best for you โ€“ picture or clear sound. Hmmmmโ€ฆ..tough one!

When peeking in on your babe this is what you are crossing your fingers to see! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully this helps when making your monitor purchase. Do you have one that you love? Please share! ๐Ÿ™‚


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