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Baby Banz Sunglasses

July 31, 2014

frontBefore I had a kid, I thought people who put sunglasses are their children were doing so for the sake of fashion. You know, sorta like baby fedoras and toddler belts – basically useless but pretty stinkin’ cute. Well, then I actually had a kid and realized I was wrong (about the glasses and many other things!). Sunglasses are a summertime necessity for little ones.

Mexico-(16)Whenever I took G outside for a walk or a swim, he would instantly close his little eyes as tight as possible. The sun was just too bright for his tiny blue eyes. So, I picked up a pair of cheapo kids’ sunglasses from the nearest big box store. They worked wonderfully…until my son turned six months old and developed the coordination and wherewith all to take them off. Unfortunately, he still lacked the coordination to stop from poking himself in the eye with the ear piece. I needed something better.

It was basically the need for a strap that kept baby’s sunglasses safely on his face that led me to pick up a pair of Baby Banz.

Back-Strap The Velcro wrap-around strap makes the glasses easy to put on but tricky for G to take off. Thankfully, the neoprene material is comfortable enough that he really doesn’t try too hard. Once they’re on, he seems perfectly content to leave them in place and explore the big sunny world with 100% protection from UVA and UVB raysAngleNow, do they look cool? Truthfully, no, not especially. But don’t you think there’s something kind of adorable about the blessed obliviousness of a baby to their fashion faux pas? Regardless, my vote is for function over fashion every time.

Plus, these glasses are built to last! We have crammed them into suitcases and lost them at the very bottom of a diaper bag; my son has thrown them against walls and bashed their lenses into concrete. A year later, they are still good as new.

G has now more or less outgrown the Baby Banz, but the brand has won us over. As I shop for bigger glasses this summer, I’ll definitely be checking out the Kidz Banz and Retro Banz options.


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