2017 Events Sales

August Clearance Centre Sale!

July 31, 2017


Our Clearance Centre Sales are held on the first Wednesday of EVERY month. This month our Clearance Centre Sale will be on  Wednesday, August 2nd, from 10am-1pm.  As always, we must stress that this is a CLEARANCE sale and not a warehouse sale. And as much as we would love to have you shop at one of our beautiful retail locations, the Clearance Sale will be taking place in our Clearance Centre at 1040 Sutton Drive, Unit #1 in Burlington.

Product inventory is limited – meaning once we are sold out, that’s it – and products are SOLD AS IS. ALL ITEMS PURCHASED AT THE CLEARANCE CENTRE ARE A FINAL SALE & CANNOT BE RETURNED TO ANY SNUGGLE BUGZ RETAIL LOCATION.

Here are some helpful hints so you know WHAT TO EXPECT at the sale:

1. Location. As mentioned above, the sale is at our Clearance Centre, not our store. 1040 Sutton Drive, Burlington. There is no street parking available for the sale.
2. Come On-Time. The doors open at 10am and will close promptly at 1pm.
3. Be prepared to wait. Come with a charged up phone and an expectation that there will be a line.
4. Dress for the weather. The line to get in is located outside, in our parking lot. Be sure to dress weather appropriate.
5. Food. Eat before you come, bring snacks and water.
6. Washrooms. We know we said bring water but we DO NOT have access to washrooms for public use. Please plan accordingly.
7. Strollers. This event is not particularly stroller friendly. Please leave any strollers in the car or at home and consider using a baby carrier if you are bringing your child with you.
8. Carrying your purchases. We do not have shopping carts, so come with free arms and hands.
9. Payment. We accept Visa, Master Card or debit only. Amex, Cash and Gift Cards are NOT accepted. All items are FINAL SALE.
10. Delivery. All items will need to be taken with you when you purchase. Please ensure you bring a vehicle that is capable of transporting what you hope to buy.

Please keep in mind that these products are sold AS IS. The inventory selection includes pieces that were floor models, discontinued items, items that have been opened or removed from their original packaging, etc. These are not items that you would find in one of our retail stores or online. All products are safe for use.

With expectations clearly set and helpful hints provided, your shopping experience at our August Clearance Sale should be that much better! We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • mleervt

    Will there be any Diono car seats that you know of?

    • Hi! Yes, there is a Diono Radian car seat in the Clearance Centre.

  • Hasan Sherwani

    Will there be any Bumbleride ride on sale?

    • Hi Hasan, yes there is a Bumbleride Indie in the Clearance Centre.

      • Katia W

        Hello, would you know what colour the Bumbleride indie is, and how much it is selling for? Thank you!

  • Aly Robb

    I know it’s a long shot, any Valco Snap Ultra Duo’s?

    • Hi Aly, sorry no Valco strollers at this time.

  • Sabrina Mullan

    Any Uppababy umbrella strollers?

    • Hi Sabrina, sorry no UPPAbaby umbrella strollers but there is a 2015 Vista in the Clearance Centre.

  • Amie

    Any Clek Car seats (Foonf)

    • Hi Amie, yes there are some Clek Foonf car seats in the clearance centre.

      • Amie

        Are you able to tell myou how many and price?

  • Ewelina

    Any McLearn umbrella strollers?

  • davism

    Hello! Will you have any high chairs or baby carriers at the clearance sale tomorrow?

    • Hiya! Yes there are several high chairs and carriers in the clearance centre.

  • christina

    Will you have any mesa uppa baby car seats??

    • Hi Christina, yes there is one mesa car seat in the clearance centre.

  • Ashley

    Can you tell me the price of the bassinet kit? I have a friend looking and I’ll make the drive in if she wants it. Also colour? Thank you

    • Hi Ashley, the baby jogger bassinet kit is teal, and in the clearance centre for 25% off $139.99 .

      • Ashley

        Thank you!

  • Ashley Smith

    Will there be any diono Rxt models available?

    • Hi Ashley, we have a Diono Radian r100 and a Monterey XT in the sale.

      • Ashley Smith

        What colour is the radian r100?

        • Black Mist 😉

          • Ashley

            Is there only 1 or could I get 2?

          • Sorry there is only one in the Clearance Centre at this time.

          • Ashley

            Any Clek foonf or ober?

          • Yes, I saw an oober and a couple foonfs in the Clearance Centre. Sorry, I don’t have any other info at this time.

  • Ewelina

    Any umbrella strollers? Any brand…

    • Hi Ewelina, no “umbrella” strollers but we do have the compact City Mini Zip by baby jogger in the clearance centre.

  • Sam


    Any bugaboo buffalo on sale?

    • Hi Sam, yes there is a Bugaboo Buffalo in the Clearance Centre.

      • Sam

        How much and what color is it ? Please let me know and thank you

        • Hi Sam, the Buffalo is black. All our strollers are between 25% and 75% off the retail price.

  • Dawn

    Any chance there will be a Skip Hop Activity Center?

    • Hi Dawn, yes there is a Skip Hop Activity Center in the sale.

  • Alessia

    Hi there, any bassinets by any chance? Not stroller attachments but actual bassinets… Thanks!

    • Hi Alessia, sorry no non-stroller bassinets at this time.

  • Katia W

    Any Chicco Keyfit car seats on clearance? Thanks!

    • Hi Katia, yes we have 2 in our Clearance Centre.

  • Noon

    Hi which baby carriers will be available and are there many of them? Will there be a model of the mountain buggy nano?

    • Hi! We have Baby Bjorn (3) and JJ Cole (1) carriers in the Clearance Centre. Sorry no Mountain Buggy Nanos at this time.

  • Michelle

    can you tell me what colour the vista is and what the discount is? also any travel cases for the vista? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle, the vista is Georgie (blue) please contact us at marketing@s24323.p825.sites.pressdns.com for more info. We do have one Vista travel case in the Clearance Centre. Most of our accessories are 60% off.

      • The Puypes

        What year is the travel bag? Thanks

  • Megan Clarke

    Any jogging strollers?

    • Yes there are a few jogging strollers.

      • Megan Clarke

        What’s the discount on them?

  • Veronica Aveiro

    Hi, do you have a maxi cosi car seat? If so, how many and what is the price? Thx

    • Hi Veronica, yes there are a few Maxi-cosi car seats in the Clearance centre for 25% off.

      • Veronica Aveiro

        Thanks, what is the retail price?

  • Cecile Chen

    Hi, do u have any double seat stroller on sale?

  • Emily

    Hi! Will you have any Mesa car seat bases in the sale? Thanks!

    • Hi Emily, we have car seats with bases but not on their own for sale. Sorry.

  • Czarina Lee

    hi there. any cruz piggyback board on sale? as well as snuza, owlet or angelcare monitor?

  • Katy

    Do you have any change tables on sale?

  • Veronica Aveiro

    What is the retail price of the maxi cosi car seats?

    • Hi Veronica, retail price on the maxi cosi car seat is $329.99.

  • Chris Ease

    Are any stokke sleepi crib items available such as the jr. extension kit?

  • Ying Xu

    Hello any cribs? If yes, what color n how much is it please? Thank u.

  • Amie

    Ladies don’t waste your time. Not only is there one or two items only 70% off, but they are so disorganized, you’ll get better deals on Amazon!

  • Catia Ferreira

    Just missed it.. how often do you have this events?

    • Hi Catia, our Clearance Centre Sales are held on the first Wednesday of every month.

  • ALB

    Ugh. Irritated as I just bought an Uppababy second seat at the clearance sale only to realize it is a toddler seat not a rumble seat (no box, no details on sale tag) so kinda useless. This despite chatting with the clerk about where to find lower adapters, would have been great if they pointed this out at the time. Only happened to notice it as I saw the above photo with a little note that was NOT on the seat when I grabbed it. Waste of money.

    • Hi ALB, I’ve made our customer service manager aware of your situation. She will be in touch with you shortly, if not already. Thanks.

      • ALB

        Hi. Thanks for the response. Jumped the gun a bit in posting, I have spoken to a manager… all cleared up. Misunderstanding on my part combined with a confusing label. The SnuggleBugz manager was lovely and very helpful!