2013 Diapering Product Reviews

AppleCheeks Swim Diapers

August 15, 2013

acswim2This post may be a bit late in the season, but I needed to take a moment to rave about AppleCheeks Swim Diapers!

This season, we discovered that our two year old is a pool pooper. No word of a lie, the minute she starts swimming, she poops! So the hunt for the perfect swim diaper began… because no one wants to be the parent whose kid poops in the pool!

We cloth diaper our daughter with AppleCheeks (they make up our entire OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstash!), so I figured starting with their swim diapers made the most sense. The AppleCheeks swim diapers are the same size as their cloth diapers, but they are made of different material. The inside of the swim diaper is made of a soft mesh, which allows for the water to pass through while the elastics around the waist and legs work to keep the solids out of the pool.

We were pleasantly surprised when she went for her first swim in the diaper (cue mid-swim poo) and it contained everything! I was a bit concerned at the start because the diaper seemed a bit baggy in the bum area (but fit in the legs and waist) but I figured considering the swim diaper is the same size as the cloth diaper, not stuffing the swim diaper accounts for the extra space. Bagginess aside, the elastics around the legs and waist did their job and contained the mess.

Another plus to AppleCheeks products… they are made in Canada! Not only do the swim diapers fit well and do the job they were created to do, they are 100% Canadian. That is a HUGE plus in my books!

Do you use AppleCheeks or have any advice re: swim diapers to share? Leave me a comment below!


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