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Announcing Your Pregnancy

November 27, 2012

love these ideas!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Probably one of the most exciting pieces of news you will have to share with family and friends are these three words: โ€œWe are PREGNANT!!!!โ€ I have heard some super cute ways to spread the joyful news over the years – from the cute notes in the mail, to the onesie wrapped up under the Christmas treeโ€ฆ

So how did you share the exciting news?? Did you hold it from hubby and explode when he walked in the door? Was he sitting next to you while you did the test? Did you do something cutesy like put a pair of baby shoes in his? I personally love hearing these stories so please share and maybe I will lock one away for next timeโ€ฆ

I found out we were expecting Myles while Adam was at work โ€“ there was no prior hype that I may be pregnant before I did the test. I was just sick so I related all my pregnancy clues with being under the weather. I happened to have a test under my bathroom sink and decided to humor myself. Well I succeeded and that test was positive as all get out! I decided to do something somewhat cutesy โ€“ I wrote on Kellanโ€™s bib – “Daddy I am going to be a big brother!!” I totally thought Adam would see it when he sat down to eat supper. But get this โ€“ he didnโ€™t notice (donโ€™t ask me how since I wrote it in clear black writing!). Even after asking him to put the bib on he managed to miss itโ€ฆfinally I gasped, โ€œdid you read his bib?!โ€ He read it, the news digested, his jaw dropped and we cried happy tears. It was a beautiful moment!

Lets share some warm moments on this chilly day. I’d love to hear your story!


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