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A Review of the Nook LilyPad Playmat

February 10, 2017

010317_BlogHeader_Nook Lily PadI’ve long been a lover of Nook for their approach to making products with both the health of babies and the planet in mind. While I was never lucky enough to own one of their mattresses, I loved the idea that they are built with breathability and a lack of toxins as the foundation of their design. When I heard that Nook also makes a playmat, the LilyPad, I thought this may be just my opportunity to give them a try. Aside from his crib, my son spends the majority of his awake time on the floor on a blanket/carpet/mat and I started to really think about what toxins he was being exposed to on some of these surfaces. Given his limited ability to keep his face off the floor, he is breathing in (and chewing on) that surface more than anything else in the house, so it should be a safe one!

We began using the Nook LilyPad when he was just over two months old and have loved it from the start. This is not your traditional ‘covered in wild juvenile designs and filled with fire-retardant foam’ kind of playmat. The LilyPad texture can best be described as feeling like a gel insole for your shoes. A cushiony, comfortable solid colour surface that is perfect for babies to lie on both their back and tummy, it is as stylish as it is functional. This item remains out and on the floor at my house on a regular basis, and unlike other mats and baby blankets, it is not overly juvenile and can complement your homes aesthetic instead of tarnishing it.

At four months old he is now practicing his great first move to independence, rolling over. I feel safe that while he is on his LilyPad he can roll, kick, push up, face palm, chew, drool, and cry in frustration at the whole process in utter comfort and safety. The mat is round and has clips to fold it up into a flat package and is also very easily ported from one room to the next. Made with a water resistant cover, it is super easy to wipe clean and for anything that does stain, the entire thing can be thrown in the washing machine! I always give major bonus points to any baby gear that can be machine washed.


The Rundown:


  • Non-Toxic, breathable, hypoallergenic, no off-gasses
  • Made from recycled plastic water bottles, a planet friendly product
  • Ultra Comfortable, tummy time lasts longer than on other surfaces
  • Water resistant, wipes clean and machine washable
  • Easy to transport and travel with for use anywhere
  • Raised pebble surface allow breathability and airflow to baby
  • Stylish and simple design


  • A little on the small side. Once baby rolls a few times he is off the mat.
  • Pricier than some other mats.

Overall, I love this playmat almost as much as he does! I see this lasting us well beyond the tummy time, infant stage and taking us into toddlerhood as a great place to play with toys, read, and relax.

For those who are interested in trying the Nook LilyPad out, Snuggle Bugz and Nestled are Nook’s retailer of the month for February and all Nook products are 10% off until February 28, 2017. The LilyPad can be found online and is also available in the newly renovated Nestled store at Snuggle Bugz’ flagship location in Burlington, Ontario. If you haven’t been to the new store yet, it is a must see. With over 20 complete nursery rooms to inspire your dream nursery, a design centre, and exclusive furniture and accessories for your baby, it is a destination you can get lost in for hours.

The Nook LilyPad is a winner in my books and I am still discovering alternative uses for it everyday (I can’t wait to take it to the beach in the summer!). Take advantage of the sale now if you are looking for a great place for baby to play and discover that is both comfortable and safe.



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