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8 Months Old! – Evie Update

July 19, 2018

When did my baby get so big!? They say that you blink and then your baby isn’t a baby anymore… they’re right! So hard to believe that our little Evie is 8 months old already. Ok so what’s changed? We are BUSY. This kid is on the move non-stop. Let me explain:

  1. We have a pro-crawler on our hands. About 4 weeks ago Evie figured it out and she’s been racing around every since. She’s learned how to pull herself up as well so that’s been a hazard. We have to constantly move our chairs, stools, you name it. We need to baby-proof ASAP! We seriously can’t put her down without having eyes on her at all times. We have one of those toys that she can push and it helps her walk. That’s a blessing and a curse. It’s been keeping her busy but I swear she’ll be walking in a few weeks time because of it.
  2. We have longer time between naps now. Before, Evie would wake up, two hours later go for a two hour nap and repeat until bedtime. Now, she’ll wake up and we have about three hours before her next nap. This means we’re going from about three naps to two naps a day. The thing is, we can’t get her to sleep anywhere but her crib. I’ve tried bringing her to meetings with me when she’s really tired in hopes that she’ll sleep while we’re out. Nope. Every time it seems so much easier when I think it through in my head and ends up being a disaster. Lesson learned, we’re pretty much house bound these days. It’s not fair to her to keep her awake.
  3. She has teeth! Two to be exact and they’re just the cutest teeth you ever did see. Unless you have kids, then I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing. Isn’t it so cute how much their face changes ones they come in? We can tell that she’s still teething so we’ve been putting ice cubes and frozen fruits and veggie cubes in mesh mitts. THEY ARE AMAZING! We honestly use them daily. My mother in law has been making strawberry rhubarb ice cubes and we just pop them in there. Cool, refreshing and nutritious. What are your teething hacks? Would love to hear from you in the comments below.
  4. Last thing, she’s babbling up a storm these days. I wanted her first word to be mamma so bad. I’ve been saying it to her almost daily but of course what does she say? “Dada”. haha It’s more like dadadada but both Ryan and I agree that still counts as her first word.

Would love to know, when did your baby start crawling? Let me know in the comments below.

Jaclyn Harper

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