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5 Designer Tips for Choosing the Perfect Area Rug

September 12, 2017


One of the most common mistakes we see when we’re designing spaces is that people buy rugs that are too small. If you’re currently planning out your nursery I want to save you from this mistake. I’m giving YOU 5 designer tips for choosing the perfect area rug for your nursery.


Buy the largest rug for your space. A lot of the time this means going with something a little more practical like a jute or a sisal rug. They’re definitely more cost effective when it comes to larger area rugs. If you’ve got the budget, I’d highly encourage investing in something with some colour or some pattern. If you’re hoping to keep your walls quite neutral this is a FANTASTIC way to make your space fun and playful. Now I’m not saying to buy an orange rug with big flowers or anything but if that’s your cup of tea… go for it! I’m just saying that you can really make a statement with the rug that you choose.



I LOVE a layered rug. Now this could be the same rug placed on two different angles, a cow hide stacked on larger rug OR a smaller rug layered on a jute or sisal. I’m actually thinking I’d like to do this in my own nursery with one of the Lorena Canal rugs from Snuggle Bugz. When Karin and I designed the Nestled showroom we use this technique in several rooms and it looked incredible. If you haven’t checked out the showroom yet you should really see it for yourself. My favourite is the Bereber Beige. I like the boho feel of this rug and that I can use it anywhere else in my house at a later date.



This one might be obvious… buy something comfortable. You’re going to be living in your nursery (well for the first three months at least) so I encourage you to invest in something that gives you some cushion. Already have carpet? Don’t be afraid to put a rug on your carpet. I’m telling you, you can really change up your space by doing that. The key here is to make sure you’re buying a rug that’s big enough so that you don’t even see the wall to wall carpet.


There are so many different rug options and the material that they’re made from can really change the feel of a rug and the price. If you’re looking for something cozy a great option would be a wool rug. These are more plush on your feet than some of the low pile rugs. The only thing to make note of is the fact that they shed. If you go with a synthetic rug they’re fantastic for cleanup and durability. They don’t give as much cushion but they also tend to come with a lower price point. If you want something really high end I’d recommend going with a silk rug or a bamboo silk. These rugs feel silky smooth on your feet and can give your nursery a luxurious feel and look. Looking for something neutral? Try a sisal or a jute rug. These are great rugs to layer with. Especially if you’re looking to purchase a Lorena Canals rug for your space. On their own, sometime these natural fibres can have a bit more of a rough texture and that’s why I’d recommend going with a layered rug to make the room a bit more comfortable and cozy.



Of course you want your baby’s room to be cute and quaint BUT you’re the one that’s going to be spending the majority of your time in it. Might as well make it something you want to look at. We always encourage our clients to go with beautiful pieces that work for their space. You’re the one that’s going to be looking at it right? When you’re shopping for your area rug for your nursery you don’t have to look in the baby section (this rule also applies when you’re shopping for art). I also love to shop for things that I know I can re-purpose in the future. Invest in a rug that could go in a bathroom, or a bedroom or a family room! The best part about the Lorena Canal area rugs is actually the fact that you can throw them in the wash time and time again so they continue to look like new.

Happy Rug Shopping!


Jaclyn Colville is a Southern-Ontario based TV Host, Interior Stylist and first-time mom due in October. Follow her Nursery planning tips and tricks through this series “Nursery Style” with Jaclyn Colville and check out her blog on her journey through pregnancy and into parenthood on “Baby Talk” with Jackie.

Jaclyn Colville

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