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3 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Well During Spring

May 17, 2017


As the weather get’s warmer and Spring is upon us it may be necessary to make small adjustments to your baby’s sleep to help keep bedtimes and mornings easy and slumber filled.

Focus on daytime sleep to keep nighttime sleep strong. As soon as the weather warms up all we want to do is put away the snow boots and get outside. This is where we need to practice the 80/20 rule to make sure that we don’t let naps slide throughout the day. 80% of the time offer your baby a consistent sleep environment and sleep schedule to help nighttime sleep remain intact.

Make sure that bedtimes don’t disappear with the cold. As evenings begin to get lighter it’s so easy to forget about bedtimes and before you know it your baby is going to bed later and later. When our babies go to sleep overtired we start to witness more bedtime battles, early morning wakings, and even frequent night wakings. Make sure you are hitting an age appropriate bedtime for your child consistently so that they aren’t going to bed overtired.

Bedroom Hacks to Include During Spring:

  • Install blackout blinds to cover up those bright evenings and mornings. Darkening up the room at bedtime and keeping the nursery dark in the morning will help your little one fall asleep easy and stay asleep longer.
  • Use a white noise machine to mask early morning sounds like birds and traffic.
  • Make sure baby is wearing breathable and cool pj’s to avoid over heating. If you’re concerned that baby isn’t warm enough you can use a wearable blanket like the Halo SleepSack.
  • Toddler alarm clocks – You can set it to your desired bedtimes and wake times, making it easier for your child to understand and follow the schedule.


Parents Should Make Adjustments to Their Sleep Health Too

Springtime is the perfect time for parents to do a little spring cleaning to their sleep routines as well.

What’s on your night table? Every now and then it’s important to give your night table an audit. Remove sleep busters like your tablets, phones, and TV remotes. These devices rob us of our early bedtimes and their bright screens suppress our melatonin making it more difficult for us to fall asleep and sleep restoratively throughout the night.

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary. Clear out the clutter as during the winter months we tend to load out bedrooms with our treadmills, baskets of laundry, and office supplies. Redesign your sleep sanctuary to create a strong sleep association so your bedroom is being used mainly for sleep.


Alanna McGinn is Founder and Certified Sleep Consultant of Good Night Sleep Site, a global sleep consulting practice. She and her husband, Mike, live in Burlington, Ontario with their 3 children (1+twins!) Alanna and her global team are working with families to overcome their sleep challenges. You can follow her expert advice on Marilyn Denis, The Goods and national publications like Today’s Parent, Maclean’s, Prevention, and Huffington Post. Alanna strives in helping families and corporations overcome their sleep challenges and have happy well-rested smiles in the morning. Join Alanna on the first Wednesday of every month at the Burlington location of Snuggle Bugz/Nestled for her in-person sleep clinic from 10-11am, and follow Good Night Sleep Site on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all your sleep essentials.

Alanna McGinn

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