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August 17, 2017


Last week we talked about the world of diaper bags. Did you comment as to which spice girl… I mean… diaper bag you ended up with!? I landed on a mixture of Baby& Scary Spice! When I was a kid I loved EVERYTHING cheetah. If you ask my mom, or my middle school friends they’ll tell you I had a cheetah bedspread, lampshade, artwork… you name it. When I saw that the TWELVElittle Companion Backpack came in Cheetah Print I think it brought me back to my childhood roots a bit. I didn’t actually end up choosing the cheetah. I wanted something that my hubby Ryan could carry around as well (although he would look pretty good carrying some cheetah print! ha). Regardless, THIS is my diaper bag and I’m so thrilled with it already.

If you happen to love it as much as I do, scroll down for a chance to WIN one for yourself!

I had some fun choosing three completely different looks to style my new accessory. I mean, it’s going to have to go with everything right?

Diaper Bag Looks


I LOVE this look. This is totally something I would wear on a daily basis. The long vest makes it a little more ‘stylish’. This year chokers have really been a thing so this choker neckline did the work for me. The last thing I want to think about when I’m heading out the door is what necklace to wear so this was easy peasy. Of course, I’m rocking my maternity jeans almost daily. If I’m not in a maxi dress you’ll see me in one of the few pairs I own. Worth every penny! I love the black top because as we all know black can be slimming. My mom actually said “you don’t even look pregnant”, ha!



This look is super practical because I know I’m going to want to be in sweats for days  (or months who am I kidding?) after the baby is born. The cut out shoulders add a little fashion flare while also being super comfy and casual. My go to sweatpants are so easy to throw on and will keep me warm in the fall months when baby is here. Of course runners are a great investment for mamma’s. No need to kill your feet when you’re carrying a baby, a car seat AND your diaper bag. Comfort is key.



This might be a ‘dream’ outfit because I’ve heard date night is going to go out the window for awhile after baby arrives. We’ll be home on the couch, watching Netflix and taking turns getting up for baby. Ok, let’s be real… that’s our current date night without the baby haha. Fine by me. IF I was planning to go out though I can imagine myself wanted to get primped and prepped for a night on the town. Is it just me or do heels make you feel instantly glamorous? I love em. Maybe it’s because I’m so short then when I slip into them I feel ‘super model-esk’? Anyways, this outfit was a STEAL. I found this dress for just $16 and I’ve had those heels for three years. They’re nice and worn in… perfect for apres bebe. For accessories I went with some royal blue tassel earrings (my current fav) and of course my diaper bag. Who would have thought a backpack OR a diaper bag would work with a date night outfit? Am I right? Oh and… did I mention there are so many great compartments for storage? I love using the side for my phone (easy access).


Thanks for tuning in for some “Baby Talk”. Check back next week for some Registry help. I’ve gotta get crackin’ on mine!



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