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1 Diaper Bag – 3 Looks

August 17, 2017


Last week we talked about the world of diaper bags. Did you comment as to which spice girl… I mean… diaper bag you ended up with!? I landed on a mixture of Baby& Scary Spice! When I was a kid I loved EVERYTHING cheetah. If you ask my mom, or my middle school friends they’ll tell you I had a cheetah bedspread, lampshade, artwork… you name it. When I saw that the TWELVElittle Companion Backpack came in Cheetah Print I think it brought me back to my childhood roots a bit. I didn’t actually end up choosing the cheetah. I wanted something that my hubby Ryan could carry around as well (although he would look pretty good carrying some cheetah print! ha). Regardless, THIS is my diaper bag and I’m so thrilled with it already.

If you happen to love it as much as I do, scroll down for a chance to WIN one for yourself!

I had some fun choosing three completely different looks to style my new accessory. I mean, it’s going to have to go with everything right?

Diaper Bag Looks


I LOVE this look. This is totally something I would wear on a daily basis. The long vest makes it a little more ‘stylish’. This year chokers have really been a thing so this choker neckline did the work for me. The last thing I want to think about when I’m heading out the door is what necklace to wear so this was easy peasy. Of course, I’m rocking my maternity jeans almost daily. If I’m not in a maxi dress you’ll see me in one of the few pairs I own. Worth every penny! I love the black top because as we all know black can be slimming. My mom actually said “you don’t even look pregnant”, ha!



This look is super practical because I know I’m going to want to be in sweats for days  (or months who am I kidding?) after the baby is born. The cut out shoulders add a little fashion flare while also being super comfy and casual. My go to sweatpants are so easy to throw on and will keep me warm in the fall months when baby is here. Of course runners are a great investment for mamma’s. No need to kill your feet when you’re carrying a baby, a car seat AND your diaper bag. Comfort is key.



This might be a ‘dream’ outfit because I’ve heard date night is going to go out the window for awhile after baby arrives. We’ll be home on the couch, watching Netflix and taking turns getting up for baby. Ok, let’s be real… that’s our current date night without the baby haha. Fine by me. IF I was planning to go out though I can imagine myself wanted to get primped and prepped for a night on the town. Is it just me or do heels make you feel instantly glamorous? I love em. Maybe it’s because I’m so short then when I slip into them I feel ‘super model-esk’? Anyways, this outfit was a STEAL. I found this dress for just $16 and I’ve had those heels for three years. They’re nice and worn in… perfect for apres bebe. For accessories I went with some royal blue tassel earrings (my current fav) and of course my diaper bag. Who would have thought a backpack OR a diaper bag would work with a date night outfit? Am I right? Oh and… did I mention there are so many great compartments for storage? I love using the side for my phone (easy access).


Thanks for tuning in for some “Baby Talk”. Check back next week for some Registry help. I’ve gotta get crackin’ on mine!



Leave a comment in this blog post that answers the question “What do you love best about your diaper bag?” and log in to the Rafflecopter contest below. Click “I commented” for your chance to WIN a TWELVElittle Companion Backpack in Pewter (valued at $209.99) for yourself. Contest ends Monday, August 21st at 11:59PM EST. Full contest rules can be found here.

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Jaclyn Colville

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  • Kathleen

    With my second baby I bought a backpack style diaper bag and loved it so much!! I could never go back to any other type. It was the easiest way to hold my toddlers hand and also carry a carseat. I also loved that I could wear her in the carrier and still be able to carry my diaper bag on my back. Although I don’t use it much anymore since she’s now 16 months, when we go on outings I bring it because it’s lightweight but spacious and I can fit everything we need in it. I would love to win this diaper back for someone special I know who just found out she’s expecting!!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      You are so sweet for thinking to give this to someone else. Thank you for the comments. I really like the thought of being able to hold your toddler’s hand while carrying the car seat in another. A backpack is just so practical. Best of luck!

  • Nic

    I love a diaper bag that is roomy enough to hold all the essentials (diapers, wipes, change of clothes, bottle, toy, the list goes on!), but not so big that everything gets jumbled up in there and then makes it impossible to find anything quickly. Sounds like this Companion Backpack fits the bill!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      It sounds like it would be great for you Nic. Thanks so much for commenting and best of luck with your little one!

  • Nate

    I love that my diaper bag has plenty of room

    • Jaclyn Colville

      That’s definitely a key element! Thanks for commenting Nate.

  • Stefani

    I love that my diaper bag can hold everything we need for the day, but it is not too bulky and can easy be carried.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      That’s awesome. Thank you so much for commenting Stefani! Best of luck.

  • S Lynn Banks

    I love a diaper bag that can carry all of the supplies I need.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for commenting! Best of luck with your little one (and the contest).

  • Stephanie Moy

    I like that ours can be used when we are out of the baby and diaper stage as a regular bag.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I completely agree Stephanie. So great to invest in a bag that you’ll have for years and years! Thank you so much for your input.

  • Jocelyn

    I have the skip hop back pack and I love the fact it’s a back pack. With three kids I need my hands free. Also I love that theninside is a light colour so I can find stuff quickly!!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Great point about the colouring of the inside of your backpack. I’ve actually never heard that before. So appreciate your feedback. Thank you Jocelyn!

  • leafsbabe28

    I love that our diaper bag can be strapped on to the handle of the stroller for when you just don’t have enough room in the basket, but I would really love this diaper bag 🙂

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Great point. That’s definitely something to consider when shopping for your diaper bag. Thanks for sharing! Best of luck.

  • Megan

    I love all the pockets on my bag that make all my baby things easily accessible.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I’m so looking forward to having that with this bag. Thank you so much for commenting Megan. Best of luck!

  • kristen visser

    What do I like about my diaper bag? absolutely nothing lol. ok well i like the amount of pockets it has but other then that, nothing really. it is 6 years old AND came with the stroller we purchased lol. so nothing really special about it

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Sounds like you need an upgrade. The companion backpack would be perfect for you! Best of luck Kristen <3. Thanks for commenting.

  • Hilary Lucyk-Chen

    I love that I have everything we need in case of a poopslosion; which happen regularly, and that it’s easy to find everything quickly.

    Whether I need to make a bottle or pack extra clothes, there is always room for more of her stuff!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Hillary, you made me laugh out loud. Good to have hands free in that type of emergency haha.

  • Tanya N

    I have a Little Unicorn bag and I love all the pockets, especially the magnetic closure ones. I wish I got a backpack style though!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I think these days you can definitely go with more than one. I’m hoping to get a side bag as well. LOVING my TwelveLittle Companion Backpack though. The best part? They have matching ones for your little one.

  • Krystal

    I loved how sleek and narrow it was when we got it 5 months ago. Now we cloth diaper and it just isn’t the right shape!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Interesting point Krystal. Are cloth diapers much bulkier? Thank you so much for commenting.

  • DonnaB

    I have not been able to find a bag I love, I think this just might be it 🙂 I have twins so I need the space and functionality.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      You definitely need a hands free bag with twins. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment Donna. Best of luck with your two beautiful babies (and the contest).

  • Beth Mallett

    I like that mine fits everything since I over pack everything!!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Now those are truthful words haha. I over pack for everything as well. Thanks so much for the comment. Made me chuckle 😉

  • Jasmine D

    I dislike my diaper bag right now. It’s past the baby stage and I definitely need something that can keep up with An active girl. I did like that it had a zipper and nice big compartments to keep me organized but it’s been outgrown! Thanks for the suggestion of this backpack style bag!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I think you’d love this back Jasmine. Thank you so much for commenting. Best of luck with the contest! Sounds like you need a new bag 😉

  • John Monkhouse

    I like that it’s a backpack so it’s easy to carry around and that it’s unisex.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Great point John! It’s so important to have diaper bag options for guys as well. I love that my husband will be able to carry this one.

  • Julia

    All the pockets. And that it doesn’t look like a standard diaper bag, still stylish.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I couldn’t agree more! I love how TwelveLittle has done such a good job making a practical bag that’s still so stylish! SUPER fun to wear with any outfit.

  • Sarena Jonah

    I like all of the pocket space so I can organize the diaper bag accordingly for ease of access!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I love that too! Thanks so much for commenting. Best of luck!

  • Larissa Visscher

    I love the backpack straps, makes it so easy to walk around with two littles

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I completely agree. Hands free can be so helpful when you’re carrying a car seat… a baby or even a toddler. Plus, I hear the older they get the more you need your hands to chase them around haha.

  • Elishia Cowell

    The things I love most about my current diaper bag are how the many pockets keep it organized and how much stuff it holds!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I’m hearing that organization is key with a little one. Thanks for your input Elishia. Best of luck!

  • Sarah Karelsen

    the many pockets to fit diapers

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Do you normally fill all the pockets with diapers? Or just one compartment? I have no clue haha.

  • Jocelyn Paprocki

    I like how it’s easy to clean

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I love that aspect too Jocelyn! So important to have a wipeable diaper bag.

  • Erin Dingwall

    I love having lots of room but not too big that it’s in the way!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Great point Erin. The bigger … the heavier our bags seem to be. Thank you so much for commenting.

  • Kierra

    I love being able to fit everything my little one needs all in one spot (and it seems like he needs so much!!). And of course, I love when it looks cute too!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I completely agree. Thanks for commenting Kierra. Best of luck with the contest!

  • Aline Travizani

    I like my diaper bag but I need a new one because a back pack makes easy our lives

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Couldn’t agree more. A backpack diaper bag is just so practical!

  • Danica Kimberley

    This bag looks awesome!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Thanks Danica! It really is. I wish you could see the pattern inside… it’s adorable! (and wipeable)

  • Heather

    We’re expecting a new family member next year and this bag is definetly something that our family could use! Thank you for the entry!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Congrats on the amazing news!!! Best of luck. Thank you so much for commenting.

  • Andrea Daly

    I LOVE that it’s a backpack because I have a toddler and a 5 month old and it would make my hands free of a diaper bag in addition to these two!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      You would look AMAZING in this bag Andrea. Couldn’t agree more… this would be amazing for you <3.

  • Ming

    Love the versatile look of this bag and that I can carry it on my shoulders.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Thanks so much Ming! I love that aspect about this bag as well. So comfortable in any outfit.

  • Jeannette Holder

    The hands-free free that using a backpack style diaper bag offers

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I couldn’t agree more Jeannette. Thanks for commenting!

  • Ashley Stone

    Love that it is backpack style. I need my hands free for my toddler. He’s quick!!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I completely agree ;). A backpack would be so practical for you Ashley. Thanks for commenting and best of luck!

  • Jessica

    I love that my diaper bag is easy to pack, easy to carry, holds everything I need and more. I love that it transitions with my daughter as her needs change.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      That sounds like a great diaper bag!

  • Jaclyn

    I love that this is a backpack. With two little ones running around, I definitely need my hands free. This would be the perfect diaper bag for us!! I LOVE it!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I couldn’t agree more. Sounds like this would be an amazing backpack for you Jaclyn. Best of luck!

  • Danielle

    I love this bag! I currently have a toddler and using a backpack would be wayyy more useful for me. Having two straps instead of one that falls off your shoulder while holding a toddler in the other arm is a dream! It’s so roomy and lovely!!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I completely agree Danielle! It’s nice to have a side bag but a backpack is just SO practical. Especially with a toddler. You need those hands free ;).

  • Jessica Michnik

    Need big bags and sturdy to carry. So. Much. Stuff.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I’ve been told but am not so sure I’m fully prepared for just how much stuff there’s going to be haha. Thanks for the input!

  • kristen sweeney

    Lots of pockets!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Love that answer girl! That’s what I’m loving about this bag :). And wipeable pockets are key. Hope you’re enjoying life with your new addition <3

  • Ashley

    I love how chic it is and yet it’s a bag that my husband won’t mind carrying! Plus all the compartments!!

    • Jaclyn Colville

      I completely agree Ashley! My hubby will be definitely be carrying it. Who says we should have to carry it all the time? haha

  • Amanda Spearing

    I love that my diaper bag has me prepared for any situation with my little babe! Whether she’s hungry, cranky, or has delivered a big mess – my diaper bag always has me prepared! 🙂

    • Jaclyn Colville

      Sounds like a fantastic diaper bag!

  • Jacqueline Man

    I dont have a diaper bag yet – just using a backpack. However, love this one – the style and perfect with all the compartments.

    • Jaclyn Colville

      A backpack is so practical! Love your thinking ;).

  • Krissy

    Hands free!

  • valap13

    I love how stylish it is and not obvious it is a diaper bag.

  • Ashley

    Hands free for two under two!

  • Zoe Churchill

    I don’t have a diaper bag yet, but I need one that is washable and has lots of organization built in!

  • Ewelina

    Such a cool bag. Going to europe in next 2 weeks with a 13 month old and would a nice diaper bag…ahhh wish me luck!

  • Kate

    Love that it’s stylish for moms and dads!

  • Sarah

    Convienence of a backpack being hands free with a toddler. Also being stylish and organized.

  • Amy

    hands free!!

  • soneatronit

    My current diaper bag isn’t stylish at all! I want to be a cool mom hence I am entering this contest 🙂

  • McKinley

    I love lots of pockets and the ability to wipe clean from any disaster!

  • Bill Yates

    Love that it has lots of space for my baby girl’s needs, but room left over to stash my stuff!

  • Caitlyn Oxner

    Love that this bag is so roomy!

  • Ninjagirl22

    Love the look of this diaper bag. My current one always falls off my shoulders

  • Kristi Hendriks

    The many pockets