2018 Essentials with Emily Seasonal

Winter Activities for Every Age!

February 16, 2018

With March Break around the corner, a lot of us may be dreaming of a warm beach instead of a sparkling snow drift, but if you’re staying in the Great White North this month, fear not – there’s plenty to do with your little ones to build memories and have a great time. Outdoors Winter weather can be intimidating, but fresh air does the soul good in any season, plus after hibernating inside we all need to blow off some…

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2018 Baby Talk

Three Month Check-In

When you look at your baby every single day (and I mean every minute of every single day) it’s hard to see how much your baby is really growing. To me, Evie is still my small little peanut. She can stand up in her…

February 15, 2018
2018 Pregnancy Third Trimester

Hospital Bag Must Haves

After a long (and possibly difficult) pregnancy, the final milestone is in sight – packing your hospital bag! This is the last ‘big thing’ that expectant parents need to figure out, and it’s ideal to have it packed and ready to go by the…

February 13, 2018
2018 Baby Registry

Baby Registry Completion Perks

Another great reason to have your Baby Registry at Snuggle Bugz – the Completion Perks! This can be done in-store or online by calling our Customer Service department at 1-877-768-4284. You can connect with a dedicated Registry Advisor at any time. Just email registry@snugglebugz.ca…

February 8, 2018
2018 Snuggle News

Snuggle Bugz – Business Excellence Award Finalist

We are happy to announce that the Burlington Chamber of Commerce has made Snuggle Bugz a finalist in the retail category for a 2018 Business of Excellence Award. Award nominations are based on overall business excellence and the criteria include: excellence in business leadership,…

February 7, 2018
2018 Events Sales

February Clearance Centre Sale

This month our Clearance Centre Sale will be on  Wednesday, February 7th, from 10am-1pm. As always, we must stress that this is a CLEARANCE sale and not a warehouse sale. And as much as we would love to have you shop at one of our beautiful…

February 5, 2018
2018 Snuggle News

Meet Team Snuggle Bugz – Stephanie

Stephanie – Our Plushie-Obsessed Director of Product –  If you’ve ever wondered why Snuggle Bugz stores have the best/cutest/sweetest/trendiest baby products, meet Stephanie, our Director of Product. For 4 years, Stef has been buying the latest and greatest items for our friends both in-store…

February 2, 2018